Raphael Nakacinda, the PF party spokesperson, has secured bond after being arrested at Lusaka’s Woodlands Police Station.

He was in Police detention in a matter he has been accused of defaming the President and proposing violence.

Mr Nakacinda was detained at Woodlands Police Station yesterday, Thursday, after he was warned and caution at Lusaka’s Police Service Headquarters.
He walked home at 18:30 hrs.


  1. This guy has proclaimed he is ready to be arrested 100 times so please get ready because his mouth is ready to utter another thing needing his arrest.

    When this case start being taken to court he will realise too late that the sentencing with be longer than the bond he is enjoying.

    Lessons come hard but eventually the wise learn the foolish ones just perish without understanding the lesson. Watching this space.

    I get a feeling this crop of politicians are not really necessary and being replace with the young and fresh minds who are ready to discuss ideas and not expose arrogance or mediocrity.

  2. Raphael Nakachinda and Bowman Lusambo are practicing old fashioned politics which have no place in this modern era. What you should know is that Nakachinda and Lusambo the two residues are still seeking recognition and relevance within the circles of a shrinking PF political party. The hallucinations and baseless noise they are making should be ignored as it is not adding any value to the governance of this country.

    No matter what political tactics and strategy PF shrinking opposition party will make it will not make their party to be good or popular. It will take 20 years for people to forget about the cruel behaviour, dictatorship, violence , lawlessness, thieving, bad governance, poor leadership and tribalism PF practiced.

    The voices from the PF are just causing anger to majority of Zambians. PF should repent and do a self cleansing to get rid of their sins and wickedness before they should start condemning UPND government. PF should first remove the big log in their own eyes before they could see the speck in UPND ‘s eyes. The PF lack sense of morality and integrity, UPND is now trying to restore the rule of law and bringing integrity and order in the economy and institutions they destroyed.

    PF should take it easy your careless utterances are just making your party to go in extinction. The strategies they have engaged to do public damage control are the worst and stupid tactics.

  3. UPND has raised the bar of political discourse in the country. The catalytic element of this new dynamic are the youth of this country who were tired of PF lies and uncivility. Lusambo and Nakachinda cannot simply fit in and their reactions are proof of their futile attempts at reversing this dynamic which is taking hold in the political arena.


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