Chomba Kaoma writes…….


Much as I would love to Criticize Sean Tembo over his remarks on Bally, am left with a few memories on how the UPND abused Former President ECL during is tenure of office. Mmmmmm ECL is Strong!!

Let’s face it President ECL was the most abused President verbally, I remember my good brother Pilato called him Koswe mu mpoto, The Late hon Mulongoti called him identity thief to name but a few!! Worse off that lady from the UK called Musamba, awe kwali insele pa insele. Mostly when people insulted ECL there was no sense of imagination that one day there leader would also pass through the same root if such behavior was left unchecked!!

I remember how some people were even called freedom fighters and heroes not knowing that a dangerous seed of disrespect towards the highest office in the land was slowing germinating, ECL once said to me that “Chomba people who insult me or people who like insulting others can not handle half of what they throw at me or others”.

So to My brothers and sisters in the UPND, just seat back and enjoy what you started, you can’t plant maize and expect a Banana to Grow!! No

I warned of this, and utupuba twaletalika. Whatever seed you plant so shall you harvest. The very fact that those leaders never condemned the insults from their supporters is whar will continue to haunt them
A bad precedence was set and now that tables have turned, it will be a bitter pill they have to swallow I am afraid.



  1. With ALL these insults to Bally from the SEAN TEMBO, are the UPND Youths telling me that there is no one who can do something to this NUISANCE called Shoon Tembo.
    The fella will never grow up and we are fed up with these insults. Can HH be called a DOG, IMBWA, etc and UPND Youths are quiet? No – what are youe waiting for? Stand up and be counted, NO MORE warnings; time for action is NOW you are so COWARDS! Just do it; Bally is not and cannot be a DOG as Shoon has called him!

  2. BaKaoma is back in the news light. . . . .thankyou for reminding some of us Pilato’s song Koswe Mumpoto. . .kali ati chwi chwi chwi, ati chwa chwa chwa!!!!!

  3. they was another song which was done ati a lungu anabwela, ati lungu ni chakolwa fwe, and vima big bottles of beer people started calling then ati vima edger


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