Kasebamashila Kaseba

Kasebamashila Kaseba

Sean Tembo’s Facebook Page Hacking Politically Motivated

Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP) President Sean Tembo’s Facebook page hacking and hijacking is politically motivated, Tembo alleged on Tuesday Hot FM (87.7FM) “Hot Seat” programme.

Tembo has been critical online of HH and UPND from day one without observance of the honeymoon.

In the process, he created enemies and haters on social media.

He has since failed to recover his page despite contacting Facebook and providing his identity photocopy of his passport.

I learnt of his hacking abd hijacking from a UPND HH cadre who warned me in a comment to my post of the similar fate awaiting me for criticising UPND and HH.

I first knew Tembo when he said on radio that police had right to forceful entry for HH abduction and arrest for the trumped treason.

I dealt later with him for some time.

I am not friends with Tembo on Facebook after we fell out when he bullied or harassed me, accusing me of being UPND and HH cadre.

He was the one to shortly join UPND and HH.

In other words, he is not my friend anymore.

However, he should not be hacked especially by UPND and HH promising the restoration of the rule of law.

I have been hacked before by suspected PF and EL cadres while I presented a live programme but it didn’t take me that long time.

In fact, UPND cadres supported or helped me recover my account.

As Tembo said on the programme, HH, like EL, promises freedom of the press while his cadres hack and hijack pages or hack with pangas PF or SP party cadres.

For example, when POTUS Biden slammed the PF for political violence and corruption, and HH was being hosted by VPOTUS Harris, in White House, UPND cadres were the ones brutalising PF cadres.

I recently told one Swedish radio journalists that HH was fooling the west with the right pronuncements to impress the west without meaning it.

For example, HH would rather promise and repeat the promise of freedom of the press without enactment of the draft Constitutional Bill of Rights with stand alone freedom of the press.

Why should the President than the Constitution guarantee freedom of the press that his UPND cadres are violating as HH engages in tactical ignoring.

Tembo among other opposition leaders critical of UPND and HH cannot appear on public media of ZNBC etc.

UPND and HH were similarly blacked out of ZNBC etc by PF and resorted to social media without ever being hacked and hijacked.

Instead, PF only teased UPND and HH as being social media politicians or presidents.

Tembo is the the new HH as HH is the new EL.

PF government enacted a last minute Cyber law to stifle social media and interrupted internet during 12th August elections.

HH who promisedd to repeal the Cyber law has been quiet on both the Cyber law and internet interruption during elections and now the hacking of Tembo.

Instead, HH was to honour UPND cadre radio callers during 57th independence for being abused by ZICTA promotion of ZICTA SIM card registration and deactivation.

UPND and HH joined the campaign I waged in 2012 on the the absence of a published law on the registration and that law itself had no SIM deactivation.

That is how I met and knew Mark Simuuwe then of UNZA radio through protesting UPND cadres and later dealt, texted or met or phoned HH also protesting ZICTA SIM registration plus Heritage Party President (Gen.) Godfrey Miyanda.

I also met Nevers Mumba as MMD president at one press conference.

I also phoned and chatted with evasive Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa, the author of SIM registration Statutory Instrument 65 of 2011.

Therefore, to have Tembo hacked without alarm or reaction of UPND and HH promising restoration of the rule of law and honouring UPND cadres radio callers for collusion in the illegal ZICTA SIM registration and deactivation confirms, HH is worse than EL as FJT was worse than KK.

It is a matter of days. It may again be too late as too late as it took Zambia to remove KK in 1991 or EL in 2021.


  1. You are a dangerous man Mr kaseba. You cannot be speaking like that about the president. You don’t even know him that well and you are accusing him of such things. Don’t abuse your freedom of speech. So if you are hacked you complain but you are busy propagating hate speech.

  2. Look at him, does he even look normal this chap?
    Sir, go and to bath first, then we can come and debate about your ignorance.
    For now sit down and shut up.

  3. Something is wrong here…look at this man.When you have someone educated beyond their intelligence this is what happens.What do you smoke sir?Ganja is not good for you… and go and shave.The hatred you have for one HH stinks.This is why it will take time for ZAMBIA to develop.We have yoyos like this man…Dynamic fragmentation…


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