By Brian Mulenga

Dear Permanent Secretaries,

Get off social media. Please read Civil Service Standing Orders. Please remember those security documents, holding you to confidentiality, you were made to sign on joining the civil service? Well this why you signed them.

Whether its your new car for the wife or policy issues, you can not be on social media. You can not even comment on GRZ policies nor reveal why you were appointed.

President HH in my opinion, whether that guy hid the Hatembos or not, he should go and rest at home. He has no idea of the responsibilities of being a senior Civil Servant.

To be honest even revealing what special missions he was given when UPND were in oposition means he will reveal confidential government information. He can not do the most important task every civil servant knows and is always mindful of, that is to keep secrets. Keep confidential things confidential.

If I were President he would have been fired today in the National Interest. Same goes for the Presidential Photographer who goes around posting all sorts of things including his touristy moments when he accompanies the President wherever he goes. That is a Security breach in progress.

So frankly speaking, whatever secret mission the President gave you when he was in opposition should stay confidential and the same goes for your private life. You cannot be breaching standard givenment procedures at will.

When I was briefly civil servant 30 years ago, you were briefed that everything concerning your work should be considered a secret unless you are given written instructions to the contrary.

This includes conditions of service of a PS or any civil servant for that matterm Did you get clearance from the Secretary to the Cabinet to share that information with Chilufya Tayali?

You are a PS now. Keep quiet and work.


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