Saboi Imboela
Saboi Imboela


MDC FACTION LEADER Saboi Imboela write….

Some people normally ask me why Edwin Imboela Stadium was named after my father. Well today I will answer that question using pictures.

The man that you see up there, doing the sport high jump and the top cop you see reading a speech, sitting with the administration and greeting the sports line up, are one and the same person.

The man was great at almost every sport (will share some more photos) and his legacy in the police is that he promoted ‘minor sports’ apart from football.

He was the first policeman to have a degree in the country, a law degree from UNZA, and he believed that for the policemen and women to defend the law, they had to know the law.

So he encouraged policemen and women to go back to school and especially study law, and also advocated for a lot of in-house training of the police (Lilayi).

He further advocated for and promoted a lot of sports for the policemen and women in order for them to be fit. So in short, he was big on sports and education and that impact and legacy still lives on in the police service today.

So these two things, sports and education, are among the two reasons why he was honoured, and naming a stadium after him was so befitting because the man loved and participated in almost all sports, and won and held national records for some sports like athletics, where he remained unbeaten for over four years.


  1. Great piece of information here.
    Now such a noble man having a daughter like Saboi is weird.
    Saboi is beautiful and intelligent if she concentrates can make a powerful person like her father. Nomba kuwayawayafye uyu mukashana. Apa namulandapo naumfwa ne misu kkkkkkkk

  2. If the late Edwin Imboela had been alive he would not approve of his daughter’s politics. When was the last time u heard Saboi express outrage at the PF’s corruption while in government?

    • Good history, well done. Many people did not know about this, now we all know. Thank you very much. For a change, some good information has come out of you and let it stay that way in 2022. It’s very true zambia police, zambia army, zambia air force and zccm-mines had very good sports men and women. The likes of Boga mushanga: ZP athletics Obby kapita: Zambia army soccer, sichalwe : karate, judo and fencing: zambia air force. Not forgetting unza also had good sporting students in basket ball, boxing, but now it’s all gone.This, for your information because you were not there!!! Happy new year!

  3. This is great piece of information for us all Zambians.Thanks Saboi for this piece. Of course there are so many other great men and women who did great things for our land. Land marks are there for us all to see but we don’t have such information yet we have ministries under which these fall yet they are so silent. In Ndola we have Musa Kasonka Stadium , we don’t even know why who Musa Kasonka was. These pieces of information we choose to ignore or sweet under the carpet is what defines who we are. Zambians unfortunately we do not support one another, that’s our DNA and we are very jealous of each other. I have lives in Europe for close to 2 decades, we are same whether in the Diaspora or at home Zambians May God help us. That’s why we don’t do well in Sports, music , film industry to mention but a few.We need to unite and celebrate our past present and the future through the unity of purpose.Where are our great historians to remind us of where we have come from? Where are the ministries responsible for promoting culture which is key to self identity which we so much suffer from as Zambians?

  4. Though beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, there are many more beautiful women in public life, including one minister I shall not name. She is definitely not intelligent going by her baseless wild rantings including her disquiet on PF corruption and unconstitutionalism.


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