Speaker Nelly Mutti Is A Disgrace, NGOCC Are Job Seekers, Why Support Rubbish Happening At Parley – NDC President Saboi Imboela



  1. The best thing is to outlaw this organisation when upnd is kicked out of power in 2026,the same way ministry of religious guidance portfolio was eliminated by the Upnd .This is partly why John Sangwa expressed his views about the future of Neli Mutti.But because pipo in Zambia drink and dream about tribalism,he was condemned.Tribalism is Cancer ,patients will support even wrong things.Thandiwe joins Irene Mambilima, I think there’s something special about people from the East.They deserve highest positions in Zambia.May the Lord hear Thandiwe Phiri’s case and make way for her.She must not suffer in any way, I pray ! From Berlin .


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