Military purveyor Chilufya Tayali has lost his only witness in case he us accusing the Military of having planned to kill him at his house.

Garden boy Siame has told officers that the attack was planned with the help of PF and aimed at incriminating the Military while hoping for a lawlessness in the country.

Below is Police statement confirming that Tayali will be in jail until court appearance while his garden boy is home and will soon be appearing in court to testify against his Boss and PF.

Tayali knows those thugs who went to his house as they are PF and he did that in order to be paid K20, 000.

Tayali has a mouth for hire and lives off the same.


Police in Lusaka have formally charged and arrested Chilufya Tayali aged 48 of Roma Township in Lusaka for the offences of Seditious Intentions contrary to section 60 (1) (e) and Seditious Practices contrary to section 57 (1) (b) of the the Penal Code Chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.

He was detained yesterday together with his garden boy identified as Richard Siame aged 30 of Kabanana Compound.

Mr. Siame was released today after Police recorded a statement from him while Mr. Tayali is still detained in Police custody pending court appearance.

Danny Mwale
Deputy Police Public Relations Officer


  1. Why can they not just say the garden boy has been paid to turn against Tayali?

    I do not like Tayali myself, I think he is a brat. He is poisonous sometimes. However, I do not support these tactics being used by his chief enemy to destroy him. There is no need for this.

    This matter is not as it seems. Praise singers can celebrate now because state machinery is being used to squash opposition. But please take note, the case against Tayali, if it ever goes to court, will be dismissed as a Nolle, or with a verdict of not guilty.

    Have I ever gotten a prediction wrong?

    Do not worry, when the time comes, I will tell you that I told you so. I like doing that, in case you have not noticed.

    • Indigo Tryol you always speak rubbish and nonsense. Why should the State waste money to pay someone who is able to account for himself? For now, leave everything in the hands of Zambia Police. Stop being petty and irrelevant. Zambia Police has a duty to maintain Law and Order in the country iwe PF loser. No more nonsense please!

    • A Nolle. This may be his only chance of redemption. Let him probably pray for this one.

      The stacks against this young man are very high my friend. Sometimes a Nolle should not be taken for weakness it may be an act of mercy to prevent one from facing certain verdicts not in ones favor.

    • Ba Indigo, Tayali does not need any assistance to self destruct. He has been begging to be imprisoned.

      A lot of his social media posts are provocative, like poking an elephant. He is a man on a suicide mission.

      There is nothing like squashing the opposition. They must behave responsibly to earn our respect and confidence. Being in opposition does not give one the right to malign others at his whim, there are consequences.

  2. This is a tricky case. You can not cause chaos just to play politics. We advise that he needs to be given a fair chance to prove his case now. Unfortunately if what we have been told is true, he is in deep trouble.

    All that needs to be proved against him is that he had intention to bring the whole army into these false allegations. Intent is the issue. That is all. Remember his main witness has turned State witness. Very tricky.

    He will have to spill the whole beans and this may spread to the real master minders behind the whole skim. This may be the only rope that can rescue him. Turn into a State witness to save his skin by telling the whole story.

    We are not happy about this issue at hand. We are not cruel beings.There is nothing to celebrate about this sad position. A life is precious no matter who it is. We want the best for everyone.

    However, we kept warning this young man to tone down and be civil in his debates but he never paid attention. Even CK it is alleged warned him. I suppose it is true because he did not refute the report.

    Therefore those who supported him must come to his rescue with evidence to justify his release. If they won’t then they are bad friends who sent this young man to face a very difficult case all on his on.

  3. Tayali was attacked by thugs sponsored by someone in the UPND. He jumped to the conclusion that they were army because of the words they used.
    The police have failed us here. For them to say this situation was planned they need to conduct investigations and preferably identify the people who were in the car. For them to state that it was planned and to make arrests shows two things. Firstly there is laziness on their part and failing to conduct a basic investigation. Secondly,but shows political interference. Tayali with other small opposition leaders went to report this offence, the police must update us in their investigation. That gardener has been threatened and will comply. I doubt if he has the mental strength to endure pressure from police.

  4. The case doesn’t seem right. What is the gain for Mr Tayali to stage this? You can’t make Zambia ungovernable by this stunt! There is absolutely no gain for him or the PF as is being insinuated…. Well in enters the garden boy, so we are told , saying it was done by Tayali himself and the PF…Mmmm? Really ?? Looks like beans to me.. Fili uko tuleya..
    Since the Police claim they have a star witness, let him lead them to those masked men ASAP…and that K20,000 ??? Was it shared with the garden boy?? Mr Tayali should really trust this boy to give him all these details!!
    “My garden boy we are going to do this stunt in conjunction with the PF to make Zambia ungovernable, and I have been given K20,000.00”


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