Technical Educational, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA)

NINE training institutions, including one student agency, have been shut down by the Technical Educational, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA) for operating without a trade test certificate.

TEVETA – manager for corporate affairs Clive Siachiyako told ZANIS that the institutions and the Agency will be reported to the National Prosecutions Authority (NPA), for the offence of misleading the learners and the masses that they are registered under TEVETA, when in fact not.

Speaking after he visited Ndola’s Pascal Operating Training Institute, an illegal training institution, Siachiyako said the school has been stealing and misleading learners that it operates legally.

“This school has been warned several times but has not adhered to the warning. That is why we want the law to take its course,” Siachiyako said.

“They offer mining courses without equipment and charge K8, 000 for a short course.”

Siachiyako also called on offices which are handling the increased constituency development fund (CDF) to be wary of illegal training institutions which want to obtain loans from them on false pretences.

He said most of them want to obtain loans through the constituency offices by pretending to be operating under TEVETA.

“If the CDF offices are not careful, these institutions will misuse the public funds once given,” warned Siachiyako.

The nine institutions which have been closed include Pascal Operators Training Institute, Heavy Duty Operators, Pamcard training Institute, Phoenix Research Institute and Lusaka Vocational and Technical College.
Others are Excavator Operators Training Centre, Copper Valley International College, Lecarena Institute, Three Sixty Cyber Link and World Youth, and Leadership Foundation student Agency.



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