Mr Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND – in – opposition believed that their political pedigree was superior to that of other political parties but their lack of insight and preparation in governing has shown.

Thus, any notion that Mr Hichilema’s corrupt puppet regime will transform the economy, unite the country and guarantee the safety, stability and prosperity of our people is unrealistic and should be dispelled by all.

The misguided, ignorant, arrogant and chaotic nature of this regime speaks volumes about its lack of understanding and capability to govern. They were completely unprepared to govern when they came into power. They’re inexperienced and don’t have any real leadership skills to lead the country.

They have no demonstrable ability and conviction to understand the state of our economy and social political situation, and thereafter, engineer a decent and sustainable economic and political transformation.

It’s plain and simple: Mr Hichilema and his corrupt league, where only ready to come and do deals and not to govern or later on improve the livelihoods of the poor people of this country.

This explains why they have been unable to act in a manner that fosters unity and boosts the prospects of success for the country and its people. To them, the primary purpose of their mission was to amass personal wealth. They’re a morally depraved group who draw satisfaction and pride from the pain, misery and squalor of other human beings.

Their mindset is and has always been set in pursuit of vanity. They’re not leaders but dealers who are determined to deprive the youths and women of this country of their dreams and aspirations.

No wonder, their decisions, planning and willingness to do anything for the country, starts and ends with their indecent aspirations. It’s a self- serving unrepentant bunch of losers that have no respect and regard for the poor masses of our people.

And it’s easy to read through their schemes just by looking at the motivation behind every decision and action this corrupt puppet regime has taken so far. This is a regime that acts to protect the interests of transnational corporations and imperialists at the expense of their own citizens.

And this is shown in the unpatriotic, irresponsible and corrupt way they have been tilting the country’s major policy frameworks and policies towards big capital. Mr Hichilema and his corrupt regime came to transform their own lives and to achieve this, they had to ensure that they tinker with the country’s laws, policies, regulations and procedures .

It’s the same template they’re trying to use in destroying our democracy so that they can remain in power and perpetuate theft and grand corruption.

The violation of our Constitution, abuse of the judiciary, parliament, the police and other governance institutions reinforces our belief that Mr Hichilema is fomenting the trouble and potential violence in the PF using the state to control and undermine institutions of justice and democracy in the country.

But we shouldn’t allow Mr Hichilema to undermine institutions that we have built as a country over decades of struggle and hardship.

With all this evidence, it is quickly becoming clear that we have a very serious governance and leadership problem, and we need to address this urgently and in a more determined and assertive manner.

As citizens, we have a legitimate responsibility to protect our country against Mr Hichilema’s dangerous and destructive path that threatens our very existence as a united, independent and democratic nation.

Let us all rise up and fight for our country, enough is enough!

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Those are speculations, but at least it is public domain that one company for which the author was CEO, avoided paying taxes and it’s workers’ pension contributions were not being remitted to NAPSA.

  2. If anyone was ever in doubt that the PF is a one-man party, Fred M’membe has laid it bare. Why’s he the only speaking out against the party in government? Where’s Antonio Mwanza? Is he too busy trying to survive in this economy? Why did Frank Bwalya leave the Socialist Party after only a short period of association with it?

  3. Problem is Mr Fred Manyengo Mmembe is a dealer or rather a Convicted thief himself!! Someone who stole people’s pensions is not a man you can trust to run a country like ours.
    The man is a thief; never paid back the loan he got for Zambian Airways; is Hiding trucks he bought on loan never repais, etc. Surely fellow Zambians, this is not an Old Arse you would want to be our president! No way! Tell him to go and shit first.
    The Old crook has got a huge baggage we don’t want to know about. Kamudala aka is stupid crook we should keep away from power!!

  4. Mmembe let ur a-ss rise and fight alone. I won’t rise based on ur hatred and attempted manipulation of people. U can fool others NOT me. Ur article is based on exaggerated falsehoods. K-iss my a-$$

  5. Fuledi is as good as a thief. He stole his employees monies by not remitting statutory obligations to napsa and evaded tax.. thats stealing from government. Supporting a thief means you are birds of the same feathers.

  6. That’s the more reason Hichilema and Upnd should be removed in 2026. Even if they use the police to intimidate and frustrate the mighty PF, Hichilema and Upnd will be kicked out in 2026. The problem Upnd leaders have is that they think people in opposition don’t think or don’t reason. Just wait, mukalila! Previoud presidents have used police to intimidate the citizens but they were still removed from power, so using police and worse still registrar of societies , judiciary and speaker of national assembly will not make Upnd stay for ever in power, elo ne nsala iyii, people are very annoyed with Upnd, if elections where to be held today they would get zeros even if they try to rig. Mwanawasa rose to power through rigging, but in his first term he ruled so we’ll that he became popular, people came to like him, he never bulldozed or muzzled the opposition. Nomba ba Upnd have just messed up themselves so much that people have to hate them even more. Upnd ma zero come 2026.


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