VIDEO: 2021 General Elections Were Rigged By The UPND And Unless The Opposition Find Out How They Did It, They Will Keep On Losing- Chilufya Tayali



  1. K20000 it is at work and I head even this refuge given lubinda mentioned the same that upnd party dribbed PF criminals which is not a case, today Mr K20000 he is also talking the same thing.

  2. The time to bring such allegations is at the time elections are ongoing. If indeed they had evidence, nobody stopped PeeEfu from raising these allegations at the relevant time. Lungu conceded defeat, end of discussion.

    To speculate, to start guessing future about events is simply malicious as guess work can not be proven in a court of law.

  3. This fool needs to be taken to court to explain what he claims. He has no money and is being paid . Stop the bullshit Tayali. You never had those rights under PF. Anyone with sense can see the mass employment free education etc. Since when were you with UPND?

  4. UPND needs to sue this fool. He is playing to the gallery. Remember is friend who tried the same foolishness also a former Priest and was arrested for staging a protest at Kamwili’s home? Where is he now? Ran back to the church when he realised that the law was on to him.
    The law has not been excerised enough. Sue him to the point that the debt will haunt him all his life. People have made this non sense a trade and think its ok.

  5. Very serious allegations being made. This guy must be taken to task to provide evidence on what his is saying.

    There must be laws that deal with such alarming statements.

  6. Tayali is frustrated with the appeal by the DPP of his conviction case. He is one of those people like Seer 1 who think they have followers enough to influence opinion even votes. If Tayali is popular, how come he did not win election as Mayor or Member of Parliant? This is the trouble with half baked little education.

  7. Don’t worry Hichilema and his Upnd will soon reap what they are sowing! Sow evil, reap evil! Even Super Ken Kaunda identified as a very bad leader the few times he mingled with Hichilema, but Zambians never listened! You are suffering now! Suffering which has never been known in this ever before! People going hungry for days and have no hope of where to get find food from! Zambians wake up!

  8. How possible can an opposition party rig serious general election during brutal and notorious PF rule with all the Cadres, government machinery and that grip of power. Surely even if trying to cover up the K20000 no one can buy this allegations. Look for other lie.

    • Us who know the legitimate strategies we were involved to win the 2021 electioms will just look and listen with amusement how PF and opposition still do not know the formula we used, more than 2 years down thr line. This also means that even in 2026 we can still use the same formula and retain power. To say we won by rigging is to have nothing to talk about, really which gullible fella will believe opppsition cud rig those elections under ruthless PF thugs and systems

  9. Can this man be summoned to Police HQ I think he had information to share. If not he needs to be warned ad he seems to be deliberately trying to mess up some past record.


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