…video and documents show he collected $200,000 and a luxury car from a Chinese national…

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Stanley Kakubo is in a new scandal.

He received $200,000 and a luxury Mercedes Benz for the sale of a mine he claimed he owns in Kasempa District.

Kakubo of NRC 235416/68/1 received the money from Zhang Lianan of Lianan Mining Ltd.of Kitwe.

Kakubo also signed proof of receipt of the money.

A short video was also taken as he was collecting the money.

On Easter holidays of April 2022, Kakubo was seen leaving Sinoma Cement premises.

After the pictures emerged of him leaving with a noticeably heavy parcel, he claimed it was a calendar and diary he had collected from Sinoma. He couldn’t explain why he was collecting calendars four months after they were distributed.


  1. Honestly let us remove these tribalist thieves in 2026. They will milk our country dry and sell off all our mines.

    Whoever thinks Hakainde is not involved in these scandals is worse than cow dung. Hakainde is conman refusing to declare his assets because he is stealing our gold and other minerals. It is not a coincidence.

  2. Whether the story is true or not, the way it’s reported is not okay. For example, the money is quoted in dollars but the video is showing someone receiving the money in kwacha. At the current exchange rate, $200,000 would amount to about K5,000,000 and that parcel could have been too big and too heavy for the Minister to carry. Then the video itself, it does not plainly or clearly show Hon Kakubo, you just have to assume it was him as alleged in the story. So to me, doctoring the video cannot be completely ruled out. They say Politics is a dirty game and we know that those behind the story, their target is not Kakubo but his boss. But the law is very clear, everyone is innocent until proven guilty, there is no sacred cow in UPND, if the scandal turns to be true, the Minister has to go and he will go alone. It happened to the former State House Aid and to the former Luapula Provincial Minister, it can also happen to Kakubo, so there is nothing to get excited about here.

    • I totally agree with you. That video is doctored and in fact fake! The story says USDs but the money being counted is on Kwachas!
      How more desperate are these Bembas baying for Kakubo’s blood? If there was any corruption involved, of course the Minister will be dismissed BUT there’s no need to manufacture the evidence to get him dismissed.
      Until then, leave Kakubo alone. Having said that, the code of ministerial conduct needs to be changed. The public officials including ministers should be conducting their private business publicly NOT in shades to avoid perceptions of corruption.

  3. To Quote from Sherlock Holmes, the British Detective :”It is a capital mistake to theorise before you have ALL the evidence. It biases the judgement.”
    I am neither a Patriot, dull Praise Singer, Tribalist. I just happen to be an independent objective Thinker and I regard myself to be an above intelligent person with clear mental faculties, based on how far I went in School. I just fail to blindly carry any hate for another person on whatever basis and for whatever reason in my heart.My mind and heart just repels any hate and biaseness!!!


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