This how Hon. Kambwili tricked the president by sending this audio, but upon his passport being released he fled to Zimbabwe. People ain’t honest


  1. Every criminal in Zambia should use political persecution & “I am dying, my BP” as a get out of jail card. Nice. Only poor people will be prosecuted.
    ECL also claimed it when he was trying to meet sabotage financiers in South Korea.
    Shawn Tembo, Lusambo, Mmembe, Lubinda plus all those with criminal cases this is your get out of jail FREE CARD.

  2. What’s wrong with this convict? Even as he talks he is a convicted criminal on bail. How does he start bringing in politics now? While HH knows that you’re not trustworthy, because of your health, he went out of his way to facilitate your evacuation believing you were truly sick while in fact you were playing tricks (imingalato) to run away to the uk. Now that you’ve been caught pants down you want to pretend and appeal for sympathy. You think releasing this videos will make things better for you? Can you prove your allegations? To the government let this guy face the law for his actions. He has a big mouth and ego. If he comes back let him seek treatment locally and once he is better let the justice system deal with his cases. Some people are better left to deal with their issues!

  3. Fake apology just throw this man in prison. Do we feel sorry for the common man.
    Gray Nkombo see how you have made HH look bad after trying to help this convict. This man has no integrity at all and a coward. The courts found him guilty and you and your kind have underminded the rule of law.

  4. February 3, 2024 At 5:53 pm
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    Let us be careful with mnangagwa Emerson and Edgar lungu all those trucks were engineered by mnangagwa Emerson and Edgar lungu!!!!!!!!! Why using Zimbabwean boarder not other boarders? something is fishing here.

  5. Is this not the same chikala who was insulting our president….now he wants help from our president.. wtf …..
    Where is his stolen money….why should we pay… Kambwili run…..lungu will also be running

  6. When you break the law, the law does not say you go and apologize to the President and then you are free. Is it the President who reported you ? Thank God the man worked working with HH and went back to PF, imagine if they agreed for him to be the running mate, we would have had a dubious man for VP


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