Police Arrest Five For Proposing Violence In A Video Circulating On Social Media.
…..as Spokesperson Esther Katongo warns members of the public against commiting offences using social media thinking they can be elusive.

[Smart Eagles] Police in Lusaka have arrested five suspects who were seen proposing violence whilst brandishing offensive weapons in a video which went viral on social media. Police Spokesperson, Esther Katongo, said those arrested have been identified as Justine Chanda, Joseph Besa, James Sikalumbi, Joseph Chanda and Kassim Lungu.

“They were picked up in the early hours of today, 21st July, 2021 at about 03:00 hours from Lusaka’s Chazanga area.” Ms. Katongo narrated, further explaining that they are yet to be charged with Proposing Violence contrary to section 91 (a) and (b) Cap 87 of the laws of Zambia. She said one suspect is still on the run and a manhunt has been launched .

Ms. Katongo has since warned members of the public against commiting offences on social media thinking they cannot get caught.

“The warning to all those that would want to commit offences through social media is that they will not hide forever. One day they will have to answer to appropriate charges,” she added.


  1. Since the issue is already with police, I reserve my comments. But I’m sure police will just get instructions from above to let those thugs go. Nothing will happen, because the police will not dare invite the wrath of the bosses up there.

  2. I guess all normal Zambians know why PF must go, you cannot turn a peaceful country into Boroko Haram Republic and you still want to be in the driving seat. Who does that?


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