Lusaka – Thursday 8th June 2023

Mr. Antonio Mwanza has been a member of the Patriotic Front Secretariat and also held the position of Media Director under the Office of the Secretary General.

On Wednesday, 7th May 2023, he submitted a letter of resignation from the position of Media Director.

Today, we have learnt through the media and through a press conference held at Golden Zambezi Lodge that Mr. Mwanza has also resigned from the party.

We have also noted the concerns and reasons he has highlighted but tegard them as his personal opinion, on what he has given as reasons for his departure.

The matters will be dealt with or responded to at later stage if need be.

We wish to thank Mr. Mwanza for his diligence, sacrifice, and commitment he demonstrated while working with the party and its leadership, and therefore wish him well in his future endeavors and political pursuits.

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba
Member of the Central Committee (MCC).
Deputy Chairperson for Information and Publicity


  1. I honestly did not see this one coming Amazing. Serious trouble is looming in this biggest opposition political party..

  2. There is nothing in this notorious pf. The guy has run away I mean he has nothing to offer to the country. When he is on radio you end up wondering whether he graduated from unza or from the bush. The pf is still arrogant and indolent and still pompous. Let Antonio disappear from politics cz he is the very disease that’s making this country go backwards. Just listen to the pf callers on radio, they can’t take anyone anywhere. They don’t see any positivity in anything, they lack understanding, they complain over anything, they like rumor mongering, they love fake news and they don’t like the truth. So Antonio it’s so good and comforting to see you resign from pf. Soon that party will be a skeleton.

  3. He is joining socialist party for chief tribalist fuledi mmembe who insulted bantustans last time, PF criminals don’t worry about your fellow criminal who has left he is used jumping from one party to another just follow his history.


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