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PF aligned artists have differed with their sponsors over funds to sustain themselves.

The group under the Kalandanya Music Promotion have produced a song titled “Morale” where they have showered President Hakainde Hichilema with praise.

In the song, they have made a uturn saying HH is God given and praise him. This is in sharp contrast from how they sung about him while he was in opposition. The artists, comprising of JK, Wile, Felix, Richie Bizzy, Kayombo,Dandy Crazy as well as Chester and others, once termed HH a ‘shonongo’ , which means Satan.

In their PF songs,the Kalandanya Music Promotion gang persistently and consistently reminded Zambians that Hakainde Hichilema privatized mines, was a tribalist and a hateful person who should not rule Zambia.

But in responding to their critics who have called them prostitutes, the artists have justified their singing for Hichilema saying they’re tired of being hungry because they’re not being fed by PF.

Recall now that their Music promotor Bwalya Kalandanya has his assets siezed by the Joint Investigative Team comprising of DEC, ACC and the Police. He is suspected of forging documents and used them to get corrupt contracts under PF. Kalandanya has ammased a lot of wealth which is not explained prompting the investigative wings to pounce on him.

At the moment, he has been making frantic efforts to find his way in UPND so that he can be giving back his siezed assets.

Further, Kalandanya artists were all beneficiaries of the infamous PF Artists Empowerment Fund which Ministry of Youths dished to musicians just before elections. The artists obtained millions as loans and thought they would never pay back under PF but after change of government, they have been asked to pay back.

Most of them have plundered the money. For example, Kayombo has become bankrupt with all his lodges and companies winding up.

JK and Wile’s construction company which was getting contracts under AFCON’s Lusaka Decongestion program as well as under Ministry of Health to supply masks, has folded with no business.

The artists have even exited PF blogs after admitting they’re hungry and want to eat.


    • Hopefully you understand what’s at play, before dancing to the song. They don’t believe in the UPND ideology, if at all there’s any. They actually have no idea about anything to do with UPND program ..but they want to eat.

      Mr. Munkombwe, of happy memories, has been vindicated ..even in his grave..

  1. Musicians like JK and his associates are fools and who are they fooling but fooling themselves. Hypocrisy singing political songs of falsehood and appeasement is old fashion in this modern era. It is only in Africa and Zambia where musicians like JK, Dandy Crazy and other PF political inclined musicians can be tolerated and given audience.

    What good have they seen now in HH which they didn’t see previously before he was not a president? Music should not be sung anyhow music is an art that needs critical and analytical thinking including creativity which in most cases is lacking among Zambian musicians.

    Musicians should be innovative than shifting goal posts driven by ignorance, hypocrisy , limited investigative skills and research to compose meaningful songs. Music is not just opening one’s mouth and start yelping and making uncoordinated utterances. Music is hard work and calls for commitment as music can be used to unite nations, disseminate critical information, music can be used to promote good morals and ethics. Music can be used to inspire people and for stress management but what we see and hear today is totally different and the opposite of inspirational music.

  2. Oh get off, these guys are simply artists/business men/women trying to survive. They can sing for anyone who has the money for all we care. Was anyone born PF or UPND? Let’s not personalize the president like we come from his village. He is president for all Zambians.

  3. Besides, these are the “A” grade entertainers in the country. This is a great change than having “B” grade musicians singing for UPND…or is it ba “group B” who feel jealous?


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