Yomaps reveals plans to build an orphanage


Yomaps reveals plans to build an orphanage

TO reciprocate the gesture of support to his fans, Elton Mulenga alias Yomaps has disclosed plans of building an orphanage to help the less privileged.

After attaining a milestone of a million views in four days for his recently released hit song “Awaeh”, Yomaps was gifted with a land by Shamah Real estate where he intends on building the orphanage.

So today, the Musician shared on his social media platform how he went to Inspect and collect the legal papers for the said land.

“Because you guys (fans) have really shown love and supported me in my musical journey I’ve decided that I’ll build a”Mulenga hope Foundation” Orphanage that will help the needy, less privileged and youths that really need financial support.

Yesterday Yomaps also posted on his Facebook page that he intends on sponsoring two people to pursue a medical programme at a named higher institution.



  1. Institutions such as orphanages are no longer the most suitable alternative care for children with no nuclear family care but extended family tracing and strengthening to provide family care.


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