Salim Kaunda writes: Zambia Tourism Agency 🇿🇲 should step up!!
The past week has seen several football ⚽ stars come to Africa for holidays!

Mbappe is in Morocco
Depay Memphis in Ghana
Jose Mourinho in Namibia

Ander Herreira in Tanzania
Kai Harvetz in South Africa
Sergio Ramos was in Rwanda

PSG players were in Rwanda
Julian Draxler in Zanzibar..

We can’t sit & watch stars prefare to visit our neighbouring countries, when we too have great attractions to showcase!!!! Time to step up our tourism marketing big time 🚶..


  1. “Freedom of choice” means that the consumer is free to choose what he/she wants. There is simply not much that ZTA can do to woo such kind of clientelle because they, the celebrity crowd, know what they want or where they want to go without being made aware of it through advertising campaigns.

    True, ZTA need to up their game but I doubt that their advertising budget can compete with Rwanda’s ir Morocco’s, etc.


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