ZAMBIANS ARE NOW TIRED….of the promises from the govt to bring back to life KCM and Mopani Mine – HON MWILA

Mufulira Member of Parliament Golden Mwila


….of the promises from the govt to bring back to life KCM and Mopani Mine

Lusaka… Thursday March 30, 2023 (SMART EAGLES)

Mufulira Central Member of Parliament Hon Golden Mwila says Zambians are now tired of the promises from the Government to bring back to life Konkola Copper Mines Plc and Mopani Copper Mines.

Hon Mwila tells Smart Eagles in an exclusive interview that MCM and KCM are the main economic backbones on the Copperbelt.

He says their continued struggle is leaving many families and businesses in destitute.

He also notes that the Presidential visit to the Copperbelt in mid-March left many people hopeless.

“Prior to his visit, there were indications from some quarters that a big announcement would be made regarding MCM and KCM. As the Bembas say ” Umweni Mukulu, Litukilo”. When a VIP visits, you expect them to bring good things. However, this was not the case,” he said.

“Many people in Mufulira, Kitwe, Chingola were left disappointed that nothing tangible was said regarding these two mining companies other than the usual promises.”

He suggested that the immediate steps people expect the Government to under include allowing MCM to partner with funders to raise capital or identify an investor and quickly settle them on the mine.

“By now, the consultant, Rothschild, hired to do due diligence on MCM and advise Government on the way forward must have concluded their work. We are interested to know what their findings are. Their report must be made public just as it was made public when they were hired. The consultant was supposed to conclude their work within six months, so we want to know the contents of the report they have given to ZCCM-IH and the Government,” he added.

“Government should come out in the open on the position on KCM. Whether the Government is going to bring back Vedanta or not.”

He questioned that if the Consultant, Rothschild, are still around, why have they taken so long to finish.

“Moreover, regarding MCM, the Government promised that by end of first quarter 2023, Mopani will be back to life. But we are remaining with three days to end of First Quarter and nothing tangible is happening,” he stated.

“The next time the President will visit the Copperbelt, he must bring good news that will end the escalating poverty in the Province.”


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