Zambians expected too much from UPND, notes Kunda

Howard Kunda

Zambians expected too much from UPND, notes Kunda

By Noel Iyombwa

ZAMBIA Wake Up Party leader Howard Kunda says Zambians were over expectant when they voted for the UPND.

Kunda saysZambians voted for the UPND because the party promised to sort out problems surrounding the mines on the Copperbelt, which they have failed to do.

According to Kunda, despite promises, the mining sector is still grappling with the same problems the UPND promised to clear.

He said his party believes that the mining sector should be handled by Zambians, and not foreign investors.

Kunda wondered why the Minister of Mines is of the view that Zambians have no capacity to run the industry when the country has been mining even before independence.

He said the country cannot fail to train experts who can be running the sector.


  1. Well, when we told people that HH had no track record of public service experience to make a good president, they pointed to his private sector work experience which was less than 10 years and the fact that he was a successful cattle rancher. It was as if cattle ranching was the same as running a country.

  2. Only lazy people expected too much from government!
    A people that are used to miracle money are the lazy ones!
    Mavuto nikuzifunila!
    A country so blessed with abundant water and fertile soils and yet you have spiritually blind natives failing to thrive economically?
    Only the miserable like complaining and they are always looking for company to agree with them to console their misery!
    Kubombesha bane!
    The Kleptomaniac was dispossessed of Kasaka kandalama and so the River Euphrates of borrowed money has since dried up!
    It’s time to work!

  3. When you move from an abusive relationship, the expectations for the future are usually an improvement. In the case of PF, so many things were wrong and people expected those many things to be corrected immediately hence the naturally high expectations


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