..Had Tutwa still been alive , he would not be asking who is in charge of the nonsense because even toddlers are able to see who is in charge of the nonsense…

Smart Eagles/ Sat. December 9th

Zambia’s 6th President and President of the Patriotic Front, Dr. Edgar Lungu has called on well-meaning Zambians not to let down the memory of late Tutwa Ngulube by defending the Constitution and Zambia’s democracy.

In a speech that he was to deliver at the memorial service and unveiling of tombstone of late lawyer , politician, and businessman Hon. Tutwa Ngulube, President Lungu said a year ago, Tutwa asked who was in charge of the nonsense but that had he still been alive today, he would have been aggressively confronting the one in charge of the nonsense politically and legally.

“Right now , these scared leaders in government are doing all the silly things to provoke us into some reaction which they intend to use in justifying their declaration of a State of Emergency so they can suppress and oppress citizens unchecked, “

” Yes, Zambians will resist all manner of desperate attempts at killing democracy. They will resist their attempt to impose dictatorship,”

“We know their Mingalatos, and we will not allow them to take Zambians for a ride, ” said ECL.

” As I conclude , I say to Tutwa, continue to rest in peace, my dear lawyer and brother . You ran your race with honour , dignity, and intergrity, ” President Lungu said


  1. Which Zambians? How do you greet someone while facing in the opposite direction? Bwesheni impiya mwaiba ba Lungu and stop umungulu. No one is going to vote for you. Do you still remember what Sata said about his PF Ministers? Don’t think you are clever!!

    • Just say you are not going to vote for Lungu. Don’t say no one is going to vote for Lungu. You don’t own Zambians.

      • Are you one of those pushing for him to come back so you can benefit from hooliganism and lawlessness? Lungu has no message. We are in this messy because of him. I can also tell you that had he stolen the 2021 election you would be drinking water right now. He was busy sitting at home and getting government money while at the same time putting left PF in Mothballed, thinking he could just wake up and say I am back like it was an inheritance from his father. PF is now under Sampa, he won’t get back by saying he decided to come back. He has no legal claim to it. Let him go to court and see where imingalato will take him. To be honest, Lungu is not even Presidential material. He was lucky he did sangwapo at the time of Sata’s death.

  2. Tutwa made a grave mistake joining politics in a wrong party. Look how these goons tried to hijack his memorial by his family for stupid political expediency. Ba Lungu is complaining about killing democracy…has he forgotten how his bulldogs followed HH everywhere including the “gents”? They even made roadblocks specifically for him all over the country!!! Ba Lungu even personally warned HH with arrest once he had handed over power TO HIMSELF!!! Unfortunately for him it never happened. Is that democracy? Does he even know the meaning of the word he is saying??? Insoni ebuntu bane. Has ECL forgotten all those atrocities he committed? UPND can easily list down all those crimes and push for the stripping of his immunity in Parliament then he can dance pelete to the delight of all justice loving Zambians.

  3. Ati Zambia’s 6th President kikiki, awe it Former Zambian President bane. Ecl’s presidency came to an end after 12 August 2021. Koswe mumpoto twali mufulumuna ok!

    Then this speach is what SHOULD’VE been read at the momerial. Were is pf President Miles Sampa’s speach?

  4. Do unto others….. see how upnd felt when you used to stop them everytime even going as far as stopping then HH from landing at the airport or giving permission for his helicopters to take off or preventing him access to znbc or any radio station.

  5. The majority of PF cadres know how to get what the want from Lungu. They give fake praises and the man melts and opens the wallet. Balimona umungulu muli Lungu. Whatever they want to say the say it and Lungu will follow suit and start parroting the nonsense without any second thought. For them the deal is put him there and give Jameson and we will do as we like.


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