Zimbabwe tops in beer drinkers’ survey… an individual Zimbabwean consumes 62,8 litres of pure alcohol annually


ZIMBABWE has been ranked one of the countries with a high alcohol consumption rate per capita, according to the latest survey.

According to a survey by Wise Voter, an individual Zimbabwean consumes 62,8 litres of pure alcohol annually, dwarfing the figures of other countries on the list.

Tunisia came second with 36,6 litres of consumption per capita.

Wise Voter is an American global institute researching politics, health, climate and economy.

“Zimbabwe 62, 8 litres, Tunisia 36,6 litres, Eswatini 34,4 litres, Maldives 33,7 litres, Afghanistan 33,5 litres, Namibia 32,4 litres, South Africa 29,9 litres, Algeria 29,1 litres, Turkey 28,5 litres and Iran 28,4 litres,” the report read.

“Zimbabwe has the highest alcohol per capita globally. An individual Zimbabwean may consume 62,8 litres of pure alcohol when comparing the alcoholic beverages they would have taken in 12 months, with a prevalence of alcohol dependence of 2,2%,” read the report.

The survey report mentioned that one serving of alcohol was classified as 0,0177 fluid litres of alcohol.

“This corresponds with a 0,354 litre can/bottle of beer, one 0,148 litre glass of wine, or one 0,044 litre shot of liquor. When comparing alcohol consumption across countries, organisations will look at litres of pure alcohol,” it said.

The Kingdom of Eswatini was placed in third place with 34,4 litres of alcohol consumption per capita, with a prevalence of alcohol dependence of 2,5%.

All top three countries, according to the report, do not have alcohol illegality but drinking is allowed to people above the age of 18.

According to Delta Beverages, Zimbabweans drank record amounts of lager beer in 2022, handing the country’s biggest brewer revenues of US$713 million.

Sorghum beer broke past the four million hectolitre market.

Source – newsday



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