ZISD Holds The Four Aces On Everine Katongo

Everine Katongo


Helga Rolfe was blonde, gorgeous, and smart enough to run her own multimillion-dollar enterprise, as readers of James Hardley Chase’s “I Hold the Four Aces” would know. But not in an effort to suppress her hidden fragility. That’s the case of Everine Katongo and ZISD. They hold the Four Aces but not in effort to get to the heart of the player.

The rumors surrounding Everine Katongo, arguably one of the best distributors of the ball in women’s football at the moment, have sparked a wave of emotion, a game of blame, and, finally, a lot of thought on money.

Meanwhile, Katongo’s uncle, Angel Banda told Bwezani that Luyando Academy is mute on the topic because they thought they were doing the best for the player as they permitted the girl to go on loan to ZISD and before they knew it, there was a permanent deal signed between the player and ZISD with the help of the parents.

It simply took one touch to understand that the girl was a talent with a veritable gold mine in her legs, which is how great players are uncovered. Everine had no choice but to sign for ZISD after ZISD takes the initiative and makes the loan contract permanent and involves the parents.

In all honesty, there is a signature that proves she is a member of ZISD, thus to make a long story short, she is a member of ZISD because of that signature.

Everyone will cast aspersions on Everine Katongo’s parents, but in the end, every parent believes they are making the greatest decisions for their child.

The attempted trade by Green Buffaloes is what reveals this, as ZISD is at the center of it all. The Football Association received objections about the trade, and further paperwork revealed that only ZISD has authority to decide and negotiate terms for this player, of course with the consent of the player involved.

Despite the push to Everine Katongo’s hopes, ZISD is not about to give up on their player. They have proven that she is their player, hence they are in possession of the Four ACES. The only thing on Luyando’s mind now that they’re off the case is how they could have negotiated better if they hadn’t been sidelined by their clients’ parents.

The peculiar thing is that communication between the player, ZISD, and even the player’s parents has completely broken down. For Everine Katongo, this is where the situation gets tricky. Even though Everine Katongo has threatened not to play club football for the remainder of her contract with ZISD, The club does not appear to be influenced by emotions or the label that they are money hungry.

The gravity of the situation has unfortunately reached that level.

The other option is to recognize that the relationship has ended and that both parties have agreed to a separation of contract. After all, it’s no secret that this is a doomed pairing, and the girl’s declaration that she will never return to ZISD is proof enough that she is willing to forgo her talent.

As I watch people place blame on Aaron Mubanga, I am reminded of how little they understand about the young man’s involvement in this girl’s life. But his capabilities are limited.


⚽ Everyone Katongo accepts and winds up her contract with ZISD and walks at the end of it to his dream move.

⚽Handlers of Everine Katongo convinces her to get to ZISD so that she brightens her chances of going to the World Cup

⚽ZISD agrees that the relationship is broken and separate of mutual agreement and gets hands off Everine Katongo.

Away from that nothing good will come out from this embargo.

By Bwezani With Zambian Football


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