Antony Bwalya has been appointed as deputy High Commissioner to Tanzania



Anthony Bwalya writes ✍️

Fellow citizens,

We have been re – assigned to go and serve the Republic, and the people of Zambia, at our mission in Dar Es Salam, as Deputy High Commissioner.

As Zambia continues to pursue our rapid economic reconstruction agenda for more jobs and business opportunities for all, we must continue to invest in mutually beneficial relationships with countries in the region and beyond.

The President and the new administration have made so much positive progress since assuming leadership: the economy is on a clear path to growth, the new CDF model is delivering phenomenal economic development possibilities and opportunities for people in the communities where they live, while thousands of our children now have a real opportunity to attain basic education – thanks to the free education policy.

In order to consolidate our push to deliver improved livelihoods for all through trade and investment, we must leverage economic diplomacy to open up new markets, while expanding existing trade and investment channels with other nations.

With Zambia being open for business, we have a duty and responsibility to identify and harvest economic opportunities present in other countries, and work towards translating these opportunities into jobs and incomes for our people here at home.

We sincerely thank the President of the Republic of Zambia, Mr. Hakainde HICHILEMA, and the people of Zambia, for the opportunity to serve, and we most look forward to our new assignment.

I thank you.


  1. Why not fire him for the bribes he got from Saudi?

    Hakainde tolerates too much corruption.

    No one will ever go to jail for corruption while Hakainde is president.

    Maybe he is also corrupt?

  2. We told you, demotion at the highest point. Atleast Amos Chanda was assistant when he was sent to London. You as spokesperson to deputy in TZ. Could it be trust issues or incompetence?

  3. Would be nice to know why he has been fired. It cannot be incompetence because ministers of health, Agriculture and information are beyond incompetence.
    In any case, let’s hope the OP is listening and doesn’t replace him with certain tribes….


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