Billionaire Businessman Mo Ibrahim Castigates West For Failing To Aide Zambia’s Debt Problem

Mo Ibrahim


Sudanese-British billionaire Mohammed Fathi Ahmed Ibrahim commonly known referred to simply as Mo Ibrahim has castigated the west for failing to quickly come to the aid of Zambia over the debt stress, when they have promptly assisted Ukraine and Greece from their problems.

In what has been his repeated theme of condemning western double standards, Ibrahim urged the USA led western world to behave properly towards Africa, saying even during the pandemic they “stupidly” held on to the vaccines and did little to help poor countries whose economic fortunes were decimated by the pandemic.

He said engagements like the EU-Africa summit were good but what mattered were deliverables from the same engagements, saying trillions of dollars were raised during the pandemic with very little to no help coming to Africa.

“Now they are in debt stress. What is happening? When Ukraine has a problem, when Greece has a problem the IMF and World Bank immediately sort it out. Now what is happening in Zambia? What is happening in Sierra Leone? Two years, they did not act. No!” Ibrahim, the former Celtel owner which he sold for $3.4 billion, said, and accused the same western world of doing little to clamp down on illicit funds from Africa which were being funnelled through western companies in terms of profit shifting and other avenues.

He said the western dominated financial architecture was tailored towards benefiting the west as there was no voice from the consumers of services offered by the same…


  1. I’m surprised that this story has generated no comments so far. What Mo Ibrahim has said concerns our daily lives. This silence is part of the problem.

  2. Unfortunately, the current Is US not proactive but only reactive to China actions world over. Couple that with some racism, hence the reluctance to step and help the poor African nations despite the US being very loud about helping Africa. And it’s true the west has spent hundreds of billions of dollars on the self inflicted war in Ukraine but not even fraction of that money to help the countries in real need of it.


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