Chanda Ma Camera Pleads For Kindness From Zambians


Chanda Ma Camera writes:
Title: Addressing Disappointment: A Plea for Kindness

Hey everyone, I wanted to share some thoughts about my recent experience posting my wedding photos. It’s disheartening to admit that among the warm wishes and congratulations, there were hurtful comments that left me and my wife feeling disappointed.

Weddings are deeply personal, and sharing those moments is an extension of vulnerability. I hoped to spread joy and celebrate love, but some comments missed the mark. It’s a reminder that words have a profound impact, especially in spaces meant for positivity.

I believe in fostering a supportive community, one where we lift each other up during moments of joy and vulnerability. Let’s be mindful of the impact our words can have and choose kindness over negativity. Life is too short to dwell on hurtful remarks, and I hope we can collectively create a space filled with encouragement and understanding.

To those who have shared kind words and support, I am truly grateful. Your positivity shines brightly, and I appreciate the love you’ve brought to this moment. Let’s continue to build a community that celebrates each other’s happiness and spreads love.

#ChooseKindness #SpreadLove #CelebratingHappiness #EndCyberBullying


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