Col Galamukani’s last message


Col Galamukani’s last message..

Be Intentional and Ruthless in 2023!

My monthly base income is a minimum of K20,000.00 even without doing any hard work in a particular month.

My potential monthly income is an average of K100,000.00 if I decided to work to my fullest capacity all things being equal. I am incapacitated and half the time, I can not operate to my fullest capacity due to my health condition.

When I was working at full capacity, I would grind my lungs out! I would travel long hours to my client’s location without flinching. I worked very hard. Extremely hard. I was ruthless. Ruth, my wife is my witness. Now, my work output is limited to my capacity to handle. It’s not debatable. It’s in public domain.

I have a few properties dotted around Lusaka, books I sell nearly everyday, one-on-one mentorship I conduct every other day, pork I sell from our farm on a frequent basis and consultancy income that still comes through even in my present condition. My endevour is to ensure I have a considerable monthly income enough to sustain me and my family, a comfortable lifestyle.

Ask yourself the questions – “How can I increase my capacity to work in 2023 with my full healthy condition?”
“What didn’t I do in 2022 that I could do better in 2023”?

Get to your closet this week. Lock yourself up for 3 hours. Interrogate yourself. Look into the mirror and slap yourself. Look into the mirror again and scream “I will be ruthless in 2023”!!!!!🗣️🗣️

When you take a deep introspection about yourself, you will discover that you had all the tools in 2022, but were less intentional and ruthless about your pursuits!

What I have discovered is that we have all the tools required to succeed at anything, but we are not deliberate about our actions.

The only difference between you and me is intentionality and ruthlessness!

Be deliberate in 2023. Be action oriented in 2023. Be ruthless in 2023.

If I were to advise you on only 3 things you must consider in 2023, do the following:

♣️ Get yourself a mentor
♣️ Be a learning machine
♣️ Learn all things about money and its management!

Happy new year!

I love you with the love of Christ and wish you nothing but an excellent year!



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