Edith Nawakwi’s Politically Motivated Accusations: A Detriment to Zambian Democracy

Munati Television Limited Editorial

In a press briefing held today monitored by Munati Television, opposition Forum for Democracy and Development leader, Edith Nawakwi, launched scathing accusations against President Hakainde Hichilema, raising concerns about alleged dictatorial tendencies and manipulation of key institutions. However, a closer examination reveals a pattern of insincere actions on Ms. Nawakwi’s part, with potential consequences for Zambia’s democratic fabric.

Ms. Nawakwi’s claims, including accusations of presidential interference in her legal challenges, echo a troubling trend observed during the 2021 elections. Back then, she, along with others aligned with the Patriotic Front Party, attempted to prevent Mr. Hichilema from contesting by fabricating a case about the alleged theft of his Kalomo farm years ago.

This orchestrated effort, involving attempts to influence witnesses and manipulate legal proceedings, showcased a lack of foresight by Ms. Nawakwi and her associates. Their actions threatened the democratic process by attempting to disenfranchise not only Mr. Hichilema but also countless citizens who wished to participate in the 2021 elections as voters.

Despite the collapse of their initial strategy with Bill 10, Ms. Nawakwi persisted in pursuing an agenda that, if successful, would have undermined the very foundations of Zambia’s democracy. Mr. Hichilema’s measured response, displaying a high level of tolerance, contrasts sharply with the tactics employed by his political adversaries.

It is imperative that politicians like Ms. Nawakwi reflect on the repercussions of their actions. The 2021 elections serve as a stark reminder that such manipulative endeavors, driven by personal and political motives, not only erode public trust but also jeopardize the integrity of democratic institutions.

In moving forward, a call for remorse and accountability becomes essential. Continuing down a path of denial and stubbornness only perpetuates a toxic political climate. Zambia’s political leaders must embrace responsibility and learn from past mistakes to foster a healthier democratic environment for the benefit of the nation and its citizens.


  1. As a senior citizen, my concern is that personal issues from way back are being played as politics by Edith.
    The hate being displayed by her to HH are plainly personal, it is very easy to see, but played in the name of politics.
    During privatization saga, Edith Nakwiwa was Minister of Finance if I can remember well. The nation may need to know what happened for Edith to have this hate for HH? Tell us. This hate does not originate from nothing we need to know.
    Politically, our sister is a spent force, scoring no vote in her own village in the previous election. That tells you the kind of the person she is.
    The war she has waged on HH is to destroy so that he loses the next election. She does not mean well.
    My advice is hang on with that anger because I see that this HH will get even the 2026 election, be rest assured my namwanga citizen.

  2. This Nawaki woman is mad. She is loud and full of insults. She used to insult Pres Chiluba over 3rd term . Then Mwanawasa who she called garbage, later Pres Banda who she said had unip mentality even Sata who called her a woman with long fingers because her maize scandal. Later after Sata’s death, she said ECL was not fit for presidency. Now it is HH.
    Zambians should ignore this mad woman. Shame on her.


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