9 April 2018

Rainbow Party General secretary Wynter Kabimba has continued his verbal onslaught on his erstwhile political ally Fred M’membe, this time alleging that the Socialist Party 2021 presidencial candidate once made sexual advances towards him.

And Kabimba says government was wrong to allow the Socialist Party to be registered as a political party in Zambia because its leader practices homosexuality which is a serious crime under the Zambian penal code and attracts a 14-year jail term.

Speaking in Lusaka on Sunday at the party secretariat, Kabimba accused M’membe, the Socialist Party deputy general secretary, of being a homosexual who propositioned him in 2013 before President Michael Sata died.

The Rainbow Party leader also accused the former Post Managing Director of receiving huge funding from foreign countries just because he was interested in introducing the same-sex marriages in Zambia if he wins the 2021 general elections.

“I repeat, I differed with Comrade (Fred) M’membe because he is pro-homosexuality. I have nothing to hide, in October 2013, just before Independence Celebrations, I had a PF Provincial Executive Meeting in Kitwe in which he (M’membe) was also in attendance as a Journalist. To my surprise, when we went to rest in our Hotel Rooms, he proposed love to me and of which I brushed him off. I even told the late President Sata about the same, who called him at State House where he was reprimanded,” said Kabimba.

Last week, Kabimba had also disclosed that he fell out with his former ally M’membe after he refused to allow gay rights in the Rainbow Party. Kabimba also accused the Socialist leader of receiving funds from foreign countries that were pro-homosexual.

Meanwhile, Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo disclosed that he has now directed the Police to launch investigations into Kabimba’s allegations against M’membe and his Socialist Party members.


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