Harry Kalaba


By Alfonso Kasongo

Judith Kabemba has been reported to Non Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council NGOCC for the rape allegations against former party leader Harry Kalaba.

Former DP Senior members led by Former party Chairperson for Tourism ,Culture and Traditional Affairs Monde Sishekanu yesterday reported Ms Kabemba to NGOCC so that the gender organisation can investigate the allegations.

And addressing the national today, former DP National Executive Committee member Belita Phiri said rape allegations by Ms Kabemba are serious, embarrassing and regrettable as they have the potential to hinder participation of women in politics.

Ms Phiri who stood contested the Kapoche parliamentary seat in last year’s general election under DP said Kabemba’s rape remarks are insults to the women in politics and other decision making positions hence reiterating the need for NGOCC to investigate and clarify.

Ms . Phiri ,however, advised former DP president Kalaba to remain strong as he is capable of handling more pressure than these allegations.

She added that the former DP women stand with him and offer solidarity in his quest to seek Republican Presidency


  1. Careful ba dp for kalaba. Judith told him that he should not push it otherwise she will do a ka mabumba on him. Do you want that? It’s between her and kalaba so don’t get involved you have no idea or facts about what happened between them. Otherwise these are sensitive matters that need to be handled maturely .

  2. The issue is between Harry Kalaba and Judith Kabemba, what is your interest? when Kalaba advanced and forced himself on the accuser were you present? leave the matter with Kalaba and it is fishy for you to report the matter to NGOCC instead of the police. When did rape cases handled by NGOCC? My appeal to Kabemba Judith is that, do not go and investigated by the incompetent society with no mandate to investigate.

  3. Since when did the NGOCC become an investgative wing? It is so interesting to see how certain parties and their members thrive on ignorance and patronage.


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