Kevin McCarthy declares his retirement from Congress

Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy, a former leader of the US House, has announced that he will be leaving Congress at the end of December.

Mr McCarthy, who is 58 years old, announced on Wednesday in an article in the Wall Street Journal.

He said he will leave the House at the end of the year to help America in new ways.

Mr McCarthy, who is a Republican, was removed from his position as Speaker in October because some members of his party rebelled against him.

In January, it was very chaotic when he became Speaker. It took 15 rounds of voting before he got enough support for the job.

In his article, Mr. McCarthy said that even though he’s not in Congress anymore, he will keep trying to get really smart and talented people to run for office.

“The Republican Party is getting bigger all the time, and I want to use my experience to help the new leaders,” he wrote.

The California lawmaker has decided to retire after working in the House for 16 years. During that time, he moved up the ranks of the Republican leadership, serving as Majority Whip, Majority Leader, and then Speaker. His retirement marks the end of his career in the House.

In his last year as President, there were disagreements within his own party because some members didn’t agree with him making a deal with Senate Democrats to fund government agencies and prevent a shutdown.

Mr McCarthy was removed from the Speaker role by a rarely used procedural tool called a motion to vacate, which was filed by Florida Republican Matt Gaetz.

Mr Gaetz said that Mr. McCarthy made a secret agreement with Democrats to keep giving money to Ukraine for their defense against Russia. Some Republicans think the US can’t afford to keep doing this.

Mr McCarthy said it wasn’t true. However, he was removed from his position by a small margin, with 216 people voting for his removal and 210 people voting against it.

He said in the Wall Street Journal that he still feels positive about things.

“Why wouldn’t I be. My dad is a firefighter. ” I have been in the same job for 17 years. I was once not allowed to intern there. He said it only happens in America.

His leaving means California Governor Gavin Newsom will have to schedule a special election to choose someone new.


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