UPPZ President Charles Chanda


Yes they came into power with huge promises that cannot be attained even in four terms but so far they are trying. Their case is like shifting into a beautiful house with a blocked sewer, cut power and water due to unpaid Bill’s and infested with rats, snakes and mosquitoes.

It will not be possible to move out because you have signed a five year lease. Those of us that were in the elections and did not win cannot behave as if we won. It was not our time and so we must not undermine the people’s choice.

Let’s work together to make Zambia a better country. Those that messed the country must close their big mouths. All we appeal to Bally is to use his voice so that supporters don’t divide the country. We must learn to co-exist as we only have one country-Zambia our motherland. One land and one nation is our cry.
UPPZ President


    • You are right.

      But dividing the country to what. Those who want and enjoy thieving from those who want to work and have order.?

      You have given a good analysis but please stop concluding with a threat like dividing the country because HH is forcing work and order,vno stealing which Hurst others.

      And which region according to you would want to leave zambia because of the order and stopping of theft HH has brought?

      That region is only in your head sir. Zambians won’t wish to divide this country on the basis that thieves have been caught and are not happy. They voted for one HH led government and will support his government because that is what they wanted.

      This blocked from continuing their evil can leave alone but they won’t go away with any region of zambia.

      Stop changanya arguments because you are advancing the same narrative of trapped thieves. Just stick to your good analysis without showing what really bellies your new stance.

      No one will leave with any region for the sake of accompyining stuck in the mud thieves who are not happy. If you meant luapula, forget, it will never go along with any thieves like those complaining. They luapula will never again be a bedroom for any gang of thieves while being deprived themselves by the same gang as pf did under Edgar Lungu.

  1. The comment was progressive.
    Thanks for the effort made.

    But you exposed yourself to something that lies deeper in your. The line that says they should stop saying that which would divide the country, what is that talk which you believe will divide the country?

    Mr chanda, you seem to be using your comment to issue a veiled in threat that as long as HH allows his supporters to col to continue saying whatever they are saying, and which you clearly don’t like, the division of the country will be justified. Who are those people who would be justified to divide the country because hh’s supporters continued talking in a way that you chanda, qualified the country up for division?

    Which region, part and people would be justified to divide Zambia if HH let’s his supporters continue talking?

    Chanda, are you abgry that HH became president?

    Chanda, what wrong things do HH and his people or supported say that you think would divide zambia? Is it about the stopping of corruption, lawlessness? Are you chanda saying there some people and some regions that don’t like being told to work hard, stop corruption and theft, or stop political thuggery by cadres, which HH and his supporters are advocating for are issues that would divide zambia?

    Which region, people of Zambia collectively, would leave because HH and his people have said no corruption, lawlessness and theft?

    Do you see how your ka threat is exposed?
    Stop using the threat of having the country divided for any reason. That won’t happen because you politicians don’t own zambia but zambians themselves do.

    Zambians Mr chanda, are actually encouraging HH and his people to say more regarding what they are saying, and which you chanda thinks they should stop.

    Your threat to have the country divided is clearly based or regional, ethnic and political hegemony. You really believe that if some part of zambia don’t like that which annoys them to be said, they can leave. That is a lie. No one can leave zambia. Zambia will never be dividend. And you chanda must stop justifying any bases as justification by others to divide Zambia because are regions are part of a notary state called zambia, with equal rights and duties to protecting the country.

    No region will choose to go anywhere simply because one HH government is not being friendly to corrupt practices, lawlessness and stealing. You are not being very honesty in your good submission because of that line.

    After all, no one would be a loser if others to go where and for what. You chanda must even be more careful because you and your family have no shelter of any sort in the regions were you think people would go once they get fed up because of what HH is allowing his supporters to say.

    And why chandas are mostly the ones who think they can go if annoyed? Why do they think they should not be annoyed by anything if zambia is to remain united?
    Who really benefits more than the others from this united zambia kanshi?

    You are try to be a leader Chanda. Think and reflect before uttering anything. And please no one of you politicians shall ever divide the country with your supporters. Edgar and pf tried and the move cost them power.

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