Zesco Limited says the current power outages being experienced in Lusaka are as a result of the Lusaka Transmission and Rehabilitation project which has been going on since 2014.

ZESCO public relations Manager Hazel Zulu says the project is expected to be completed in 2023.

Mrs. Zulu explains that for ZESCO to undertake works on the project it requires the switching off of certain power supply points resulting in power outages in certain areas.

Mrs. Zulu has since urged ZESCO customers to expect power outages in some parts of Lusaka until the project is completed.

She has further appealed to members of the public to exercise patience with the utility company.


  1. And this includes Plot #1 too. Guys do not repeat what you did when HE was meeting a foreign dignitary. Even in homes, when you have visitors you ensure that things are in order. You feed them nice food even if you do not have. You go borrow. You do not subject your visitors to rubbish. Madam Zulu, you have not even apologized to Zambians the owners of State house for what you did. What kind of insubordination is this?

    I remember when working for KKF our DG would say if it is from State House even if am in the toilet just shout state house I will respond. This is how much he respected and honoured state house. Not what you did ZESCO.


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