Lundazi MP Brenda Nyirenda Looking For K100, 000 To Contest PF Presidency

Brenda Nyirenda


Lundanzi member of Parliament Brenda Nyirenda is seeking for financial help to raise K100, 000 nomination fee for the PF presidency, reports Martha Banda.

The PF has invited those willing to contest the party presidency file nominations with none refundable fee of K200, 000 for male and K100, 000 for female candidates.

“This is a great opportunity for us women to embrace. Zambia has never had a woman president,” Brenda Nyirenda says.

“Though broke but the spirit is willing. Donations can start now. Let us make our own leader who will be humble.”

“Lundazi 1 for PF presidency!”

The husband Davies Chisopa has been a member of Parliament since 2014 for Mkushi South under the PF.

Chisopa served as Central province Minister from 2015 to 2016.

Zambian Eye


  1. So she cannot use her own earnings from parliament and even solicit for her husband’s support? It must be other people to sponsor her to the useless position in the sunk titanic?

  2. Mmm… people like you are very dangerous for presidency. Zambia will never again vote for a brock person for a republican president, we have learnt a big lesson ushering a penniless entities into the highest office of our land as they prioritizes being rich first before considering the nation – ”the first cut is the deepest”. We need the likes of Bally; no pressure, no salary, no worry, no pate after pate; simply working, working and working…

  3. I would have loved to contribute my meagre retirement if she stood to lead any other political party, not PF please. PF thieves will not allow her to lead that party, she is not in their league of stealing, thuggery, and vulgar language.
    But if she insists on standing surely her own party who sponsored 3 stooges to go and attend the inauguration of Kenyan president can sponsor their first female candidate fir president; and between her and husband who is an MP round 2 can they surely fail to raise that money to enable her pay for registration of candidacy for party presidential position? She is adequately educated. The current female party presidents have been a big let down.

    I am confident that this woman could make a positive difference to the opposition political scene. Her debates in parliament have always been of mature politics.

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