Mother recounts how neighbour sodomised her autistic son


Mother recounts how neighbour sodomised her autistic son

A MOTHER of Lusaka’s Chunga compound has narrated to the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court of how her neighbour had anal sex with her autistic son.

This is in a matter were Peter Jere, is accused of unnatural offences.

Jere 27, is on March 4, 2022 alleged to have had carnal knowledge of a boy under the age of 10 against the order of nature.

Testifying before magistrate, the 39-year-old mother narrated that whilst she was attending to her business she repeatedly received phone calls from her eldest son to which she got worried and rushed home.

She said when she got home her son could not tell her what was wrong despite giving her distress calls earlier.

“I proceeded to the living room were I found my autistic son drowned in tears. I asked him why he was crying and he told me that Jere who is usually referred to as Manyoyi, stripped him naked and had anal sex with him. My child told me it was painful and when I checked his anus I noticed it was swollen and red,” the victim’s mother said.

She told the Court that Jere sodomized her son in his bedroom and in an unfinished church building near Zambeef after he took him at 15:00 hours but after he relieved his sexual urge, the boy took a solo journey home at 18:00 hours.

The witness said she reported the matter to Chunga police were she was issued a police medical report and took the child to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) were he was examined and he was administered Prep by medical personnel.

She said medical personnel did not give her test results as she was told she would access them at the police but when she went to the police station she was told she would access the results at court.

The witness added that Jere’s mother went to plead with her and not to get her son arrested as he allegedly has a terminal illness and he would suffer if he was sent to jail.

“The accused was arrested at my house when he came with his mother to apologize and plead with me not to have him arrested,” said the witness.

Kalemba January 25, 2023


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