Lumezi Member of Parliament Munir Zulu this morning stormed out of the Anti-Corruption Commission –ACC- offices in the company of his lawyers where he was summoned for questioning.

The ACC today summoned Mr. Zulu for him to avail information and substantiate his allegations that he has publicly made in the recent past which border on bringing the reputation of the Commission into disrepute.

ACC Spokesperson Queen Chibwe who has confirmed the development says in a statement that Mr. Zulu was given an opportunity by the commission to provide specific information of his allegations made in some sections of the media that he has bribed ACC officers before with a view to enable the commission institute investigations into the claims.

Mrs. Chibwe however says the commission is disappointed with the behavior of Mr. Zulu who after being given an opportunity to officially lodge his complaints, stormed out of the commission offices in the company of his lawyers without courtesy.

She says the commission is further saddened by sentiments uttered by Mr. Zulu alleging that the institution wants to arrest him and inject him with a foreign substance in order to eliminate him, allegations Mrs. Chibwe says are baseless and unfounded.

Mrs. Chibwe adds that the commission is concerned with Mr. Zulu’s continuous media attacks on the integrity and professional conduct of the officers and the institution on allegations which he has failed to substantiate.


  1. This guy needs taming. He thinks just because he is an MP then he can just go against the law and do as he pleases.

    If he wants a fight with the law enforcement institutions teach him how he needs to conduct himself. This type of arrogance should not be tolerated. Who does he think he is? Please deal with this guy who thinks his is mighty and untouchable. Who asked him to mention that stupid statement. His own arrogant mouth stated that blunt lie. Does he think he can label such important institutions we put our faith in for checks and balances and just get away with it. No this stupid behaviour will not be tolerated. Let this childish disrespectful person answer to his false message. We are not in a jungle here.

    What is this nonsense going on? These guys are taking us for granted and we will not have this stupidity.

    How dull can one be. You guys left these institutions and they were inherited from you. How do you call you own work corrupt? Is that not being untrustworthy. Then you need to bear the blame. Why did you hand over such an institution?
    Who did you want to be investigate by what you built? So if it was good for the opposition then , it must be good for you also. Swallow your the work of your hands.

    Stop this silly issues of tribalism and for once have the courage to stand by what you say instead of behaving like a spoiled young boy who can’t stand on his principles.

    This is just annoying and out right ridiculous. Deal with this young man.

  2. The ACC is discrediting its whole self. What nonsense. Why is thie institution behaving as if it was formed yesterday and doesn’t know which cases to pursue?. They’re pursuing almost anything people in opposition are saying. We should be hearing cases like 42 fire tenders and fertiliser scandals. Not uyu umungulu.


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