Steve Nyirenda
Steve Nyirenda


The year 2021 showed us the so called impossible become possible. We saw Zambians stand up in numbers to do away with oppression and poverty. We saw the change from what was said to be a strong unmovable front to what was believed an underdog in the political circles.

2021 showed us that Zambians will not tolerate lies and liars, they will not accept to be put on a cushion of wishful thinking. Zambians are no longer clumsy and gullible. Zambians in 2021 woke up to realize their worth.

And 2021 showed us as NAREP that small beginnings go far with will and determination. We are glad that despite all the challenges we encountered, we managed to walk away with a councillor from the 2021 General Elections. To us this was and is a plus, very encouraging and all thanks go to the few who believed in us and gave us that vote.

As we start 2022, expect a lot of changes from us, Real checks and Balance based on real issues. Expect us to make you believe that Zambia is for Zambians and Only You Zambians will develop Zambia.

We wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR Zambians.

Stephen Nyirenda


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