UPPZ President Charles Chanda

UPPZ President Charles Chanda


Every government has it’s own foreign campaign election sponsors and so it is not shocking that an NGO from South Africa has been given road rehabilitation contract for 25 years as if people will rule for that period.

Yes if PF used an aviation company (AVIC) why shouldn’t their friends use an NGO. Wonders of Ministry of Infrastructure. $3.7 billion to be spent on leadership provinces. PF has left us with a Eurobond debt of $2.875 billion which they claimed was to be used on link Zambia project, Zambia railways and unknown projects. Most of these funds disappeared in thin air and the New Dawn government is following the same sin of using questionable foreign companies that can easily be manipulated.

One day all those causing the unnecessary future hardship of innocent children and youth through debt will be made to account for this reckless fiscal indiscipline. We do hope the New Dawn is not using the road project to reward those white South Africans who claimed to have been funding them in all their elections. This is also not strange since PF rewarded Chinese friends. TOMATO is TOMATO and only colour difference.

Someone claims the contract was signed on 11th August 2021 the day before the Elections. Who signed because no minister was in office. If its PF that signed how can you claim this is a UPND project because PF never cared. Something is wrong here and the praise team can’t see.

UPPZ President


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