PF Burial Programme – PF President elections


PF Burial Programme – PF President elections

By Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe

The Patriot Front have advertised nomination fees for their Presidential candidates, signalling that there will be having the National Congress in a few months. I had personally advised the PF leaders not to go for the congress for atleast 2 years, otherwise it will be their end. After they postponed their June congress I strongly believed that they had taken heed of advice. We are not only Facebook politicians.

This is how their disunity and eulogy starts, non-of the losing candidates will be willing to follow the winner. They don’t respect each other enough. Let’s look at them individually.

Kambwili Chishimba

Probably the number one contender is Kambwili. He is very strong on the lower structures of the PF and some senior leaders who want punch for punch with UPND. He is a founder member of the PF and former Minister. His major disadvantage is that most senior PF leaders blame him for the 2021 election loss. Most of them will retire silently if he wins. I don’t think former President Lungu will support his candidature, Kambwili might agree to remove Lungu’s immunity if advanced with good reasons. Former President Lungu’s endorsement will be very important.

But ba PF you squeezed Kambwili too much, that he made very costly decisions to his political career just for him to literally survive. It won’t be easy to restore his credibility. Another issue he seems tired. The other danger is his fight with HH which would be very dangerous for Zambia leading to an explosive in divisions . Among the PF contenders, he is one of the few that can be a serious challenge even for 2026 depending on the UPND mistakes.

Brian Muntayalwa Mundubile

The second contender for me is Mporokoso member of parliament, former chief whip and leader of the opposition. His greatest strength is that he seems to have the backing of former President Lungu. Secondly, the PF MPs have hinted that they want a President coming from Parliament. His weakness is that he won’t be a major threat to HH, he lacks the charisma and will be too reasonable to be a serious threat to HH. Maybe 2031.

If he wins then all those who are loyal to President Lungu will stand by him, he is highly considered to be a stooge of ba Lungu. PF will basically become a party to defend those who are accused of corruption. They might win some battles but 2026 forget.

Given Lubinda

The other serious contender but seems discouraged until the recent win in Luangwa by elections is the acting President Given Lubinda aka Za yellow. He wants to claim that he has successfully held PF together and now even winning by-elections. He has the experience in PF and government to match Kambwili.

But he is now old, fearful and no longer the fighter of yester-year. Ba Sata and Lungu greatly damaged his popularity in PF for him to pull through. This is basically the “anti” Lungu camp. If Lubinda wins he will only remain with Miles Sampa in PF. He is not a serious threat and rumours are that most senior PF members prefer a bemba candidate to retain the North and eastern vote. This is the reason why they are not divided yet, he is not a threat, they know he is warming the sit as acting President and whoever wins will make him veep.

Emmanuel Mwamba

Former spokesperson to FTJ, PS and Ambassador. To be honest, he is going against the mountain. He major weakness is that everyone likes him on their side but very few would even support him in the PF leadership, worse off the grassroots. Though he has stood with the PF in dark times, he has fallen short of selling himself of being a serious Presidential candidate, he has familarised himself too much with the people but with no great relationships. Debating with Oliver Shalala always LOL. Mwamba if he has resources should form is own political party and look forward to 2031. His future is not in PF.

Christopher Kang’ombe

This one can only stand a chance if he gets the backing of Kambwili or ba Lungu, short of that it will be just a good line on his political CV that he attempted. He is former mayor of Kitwe and current MP for kamfinsa. In the unlikely event he wins, he probably will just become good friends with President HH. PF will be dead and buried by 2026. Nothing against him but he stands a better chance later, people keep looking to him for the future. He has to convince the people the future is now.

Stephen Kampyongo

I won’t comment much on Kampyongo, he seems to have back peddled on his intentions to stand. He seems too close to Mundubile, and following instructions from his beloved former President Lungu.

Mutotwe L Kafwaya
Former Minister, MP Lunte and newly appointed PF MCC. I think he will only participate for formalities.

From the above you can tell that none can have it easy to hold the party together. Infact the only things holding them together is the corruption fight and a chance to be President. Once those two things are taken away, very few will stay to support the winner . They should have waited up to 2024 with Lubinda, by then everyone would stay thinking they are getting back in government. You make selfies now easy targets to hammer PF.

I pray this congress is not coming from the excitement of recent and current bye-elections. Things will change immediately they have a party President.

Immediately PF elect a President; the ACC should offer deals to suspected PF members under investigation. They will have no reason to stay in PF. But if they all cornered and have no escape they will unite to give UPND a good run for their money in 2026.

Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe

NB: The entire future of PF is highly dependent on Davis Mwila, I will explain one day.


  1. I seem to agree with your analysis on each one of them. In particular, the acting president does not stand a chance we can bet a K 1, 000,000.00 with anyone. PF is inherently a tribal Party trying to some extent to be regional by bringing in the East. Lubinda pays blind eye to this truth.

    Their devisive narrative about the people of North Western , Southern and Western Provinces will not help them much politically. I doubt that can win them 50% of Lusaka, Central and Copperbelt provinces.


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