PF raises concerns over Zambia’s co-hosting of democracy summit and US VP visit


Patriotic Front (PF) Acting President, Given Lubinda, raised concerns about Zambia’s role in two major events that will take place in the next ten days, during a media statement presented on March 22, 2023. The two events include co-hosting the Summit for Democracy and hosting a high-level visit by US Vice President Kamala Harris.

Before stating his party’s position, Lubinda laid out the foundation, highlighting several objectives of the US strategy towards sub-Saharan Africa issued in August 2022. Lubinda mentioned two important objectives of the US strategy, which are fostering openness and open societies and delivering democratic and security dividends. He also mentioned an executive order and a presidential memorandum issued by US President Joe Biden on advancing equality for LGBTQI+ individuals.

Lubinda expressed deep concerns about the two events, citing US support for civil society, including activists and reform-minded leaders. He said that the Patriotic Front is worried that the US is pushing an agenda of homosexuality and other issues that are against Zambian culture and values.

He also expressed his concerns about the Summit for Democracy, saying that the US is using it as a tool to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries. He added that the Patriotic Front believes that Zambia should not be used as a platform for countries that want to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

Lubinda emphasized that the Patriotic Front is a pro-democracy party that believes in the sovereignty and independence of the country. He urged Zambians to be vigilant and protect the country’s values and principles.

The media statement was attended by members of the central committee, Honorable Members of Parliament, opposition leaders, and invited distinguished guests.


  1. It gives me great pleasure seeing some former misleaders crying & lamenting every other day. Befitting punishment for all the abuse we went through during their cursed tenure.
    It’s chikubabe season for them now.

    Let them suffer more mental torture than we endured….

  2. You go kwahi and trap hopani you keep repeating yourself like a stuck record. The party you are hoping to stand on will never allow you a Lozi by tribe and zaelo by colour to be president. So if I were you I d bow out now quietly because the convention will be like the fires of hell. Some of you will even throw themselves in the crocodile infested mulungushi River just to get away from your panga cadres .


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