…as they also seal off a church in Kabushi, Ndola, where ECL was supposed to attend church service.


Police on the Copperbelt have blocked United Kwacha Alliance leaders from attending church services in various towns at the instructions of top command, Christian Democratic Party President Dr. Danny Pule has confirmed.

Dr. Pule and New Congress Party President Pastor Peter Chanda were scheduled to worship at Christ the King Church in Kitwe but were turned away by the police.

” …when going to church we found a heavily manned roadblock and when we reached there they got the drivers license from my driver and then came around and asked us where are you going and we told them we are going to church. We gave them the name of the church and after sometime of being kept by the police they let us go,” Dr. Pule said.

Upon arriving at the church the two leaders where met by a heavily armed paramilitary police presence that were mobilized.

” When we arrived at the church we found heavy presence of the police, when I went into church, I found Pastor Duncan Simumchimba was already told that we shouldn’t worship there and he was trying to reason with them that we are not not going to speak there but going to worship the lord,”

“When I went outside the church I found that the number of police officers kept increasing more than 50 armed paramilitary police officers, one officer from Wusakile police station who identified himself as Officer in Charge Mtonga was sympathetic to our situation but said he was working under instructions from the commanding officer who must have been also under instructions from top command and said we were not allowed to pray there today,” Dr. Pule said.

The police later drove the two leaders out of Kitwe and escorted them upto Zamtan checkpoint in Ndola and upon arrival in Ndola another battalion of police officers told them to get out of the city immediately.

” They even denied us a chance to buy some food and drinks at the nearest shopping mall in Ndola and told us to get out of the city immediately. Later I spoke to Citizens First President Harry Kalaba who also told me that the police had also blocked him from entering Chingola to attend church service. They also sealed off a church in Kabushi where ECL was also scheduled to attended church service, ” Dr. Pule said.

And New Congress party President Peter Chanda said the country has now degenerated into a police State where people are not allowed to worship freely.



  1. I honestly do not understand Hakainde.

    Voters were very clear that they did not want this type of victimisation of citizens, regardless of political affiliation. Hakainde rode on this very promise that he would put this nonsense to and end. He has however amplified it way beyond his predecessor. Zambians can not be managed like cattle.

    Vote wisely in 2026.

    • Uli tole sana. You have forgotten about the treatment you rendered to the opposition under ECL despotic rule?
      Vote wisely vote for HH7 in 2026/31

    • Indigo Tryol fuseki matako yako idiot. Why all these UKWA bag losers chose Copperbelt Province for church services at the same time? Why not praying in Lusaks where these idiots stay or any other provinces at different times? Fuck off this is provocative campaign ba idiot imwe. Shut up you PF/ UKWA bag losers!

  2. UKA is not a registered organization, thus, illegal. What beats me is why an illegal entity is allowed to use government property, the Coat of Arms on their emblem.

  3. Job well done police. These guys are comitying criminal offenses using the church. Propagating hate speech using poor churches. No way!

  4. Sadly, when you see police being used to stop movements of opposition leaders, just know that the ruling party is losing it!
    You wonder who bewitched this Chipani. It’s denting itself and kicking themselves out of power at an alarmingly faster rate!
    They can’t be advised any more!
    They have become deaf, mad and blind!

    • Chikubabe ulichipuba maningi bwana for supporting idiocy by UKWA bag losers. Why didn’t they conduct their prayers in Lusaka where they stay or any other provinces at different times? Fuseki we don’t need your vote idiot. Your PF/ UKWA bag losers are championing tribalism and hate speech using churches. Abash guntrotting and Panga Wielding PF criminals forever.

  5. Problem you are not going onto church to worship but to make political speeches as if you are campaigning that’s why they are not allowing you.

  6. Interesting the same police were at the same time blocking ECL and saki as well as pule and chanda in two different places. What some reporting!!

  7. UKWA , Dan pwele, kalaba etc you are reason we were drowning in debt.
    I am encouraged by the treatment you have received from BOMA . You were given protection and escorted out like criminals you are. Sic

    • You have PF airports,bridges,roads, infrastructure and you think these came free? What a ploanker! They need serving by government and you came into government. My friend you are now in the army!!! Quick march! left,right,etc.If you cannot stand the heat, leave the kitchen!!!!!

  8. Zambians are smart enough to know that they can never go back to the same ichipNi that tormented them for seven solid years. Akabwelela inuma kalalya bane.
    They are humble because they think church is where they can get votesfrom. But kabili ba church ebalesangwa pamaliketi kabili ebalemona ifyo bakabalala bakwete amaka yakwiba namukasuba monse. Impumo shena teshKulandako iyo. ATI ALEBWELELAPO! PESA?

  9. At the end of the day it is the people who vote govts in.power and out of power.
    Whether you like someone or not the winner forms the govt.

    • 2021 was the last fair election where the opposition were free to file thier nominations.In 2026, the HaECZ and the UPND Alliance are going to make sure all opposition candidates will become unavailable on nomination day!!! So be advised!!!

  10. UKA is using the Church to spread falsehood and only compromised Churches can accept UKA to be used by greedy politicians to propagate tribalism and hate speech to fight the government. Churches should preach salvation and peace than harbouring criminals who stole public funds. Criminals and thugs have rebranded and regrouped themselves in the name of an illegal organisation called UKA cause anarchy and disunity.

    The gang leader of UKA is using and visiting the same Churches he used campaigns in 2020 and 2021 to spread lies and hypocrisy about President Hikainde Hichilema. Unfortunately, UKA is a failed political project agenda is to manufacture lies, tribalism and hate speech.

  11. Allow the opposition to hold their rallies. By the time we get to 2026, people will be bored with them.

    Hounding them only works to their advantage. There is no security risk except if the UPND cadres decide to cause trouble at opposition rallies.

    The Police are creating heroes out of nonentities and discredited politicians.

    • Bored of them? In your dreams! Dare hold fair elections open to the opposition and if you think you could win? You have anothing coming!!! Just stick to your plans of excluding the opposition from the ballot, courtesy of HaECZ and the judges, otherwise you can kiss goodbye to government anytime from 2026!!!


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