We have noted with serious concerns the utterances recently made by the Socialist Party Leader Dr. Fred M’membe.

The statements published in some tabloids and various social media platforms are inclined at nothing but inciting the peace loving people of Zambia to lapse into a civil disobedience in order for them to gain the scarce political mileage.

The Zambia Police Service is mandated with the responsibility of maintaining law and order in the country and detection of crime among others.

As such we can not sit and watch while an individual whose utterances are hell-bent on causing anarchy in the country.

Him referring to military juntas in West Africa, only means one thing, to distabalise the peace in the country being enjoyed. Is this the socialism he is preaching about?, bringing military coups?

Now we know where he stands and what he is made of. As Zambia Police Service, we want to put it on record that we will not allow such schemes which everyone else equally abhors.

If he knows what is good for him, better he quits forthwith while he can.

The same applies to every citizen who may be in the process of being chaperoned for the same, please walk away.

Zambia is not for selfish individuals being championed by desperate politicians.

The Zambia Police Service has an obligation to defend the constitution at any cost, and that, it will do what it takes to smash any rebellion being instigated by this Socialist Party.

The emerging juntas in West Africa he is referring to, is wishful thinking that the same be extended to this country.

We are carefully studying the ingredients of the offence, and we will let you know in due course what his fate is going to be.

The Socialist Party is preaching and thirsting for democracy, yet they have no spine to uphold the same.

He has declared his resolve and the Zambia Police is ready to defend the constitution.

In one breath, the Socialist Party wants to say this country has sufficient laws to provide for the rule of law in another, they are panting for violence because they want to cut corners to reach their destiny.

As a reminder to the Socialist Party, if you check the history of this country people with frivolous dreams such as yours have been defeated.

I thank you.


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