Ukraine war: Army leader Zaluzhny’s aide killed by grenade birthday gift


A birthday present grenade exploded and caused the death of Valery Zaluzhny’s close assistant, who worked for Ukraine’s armed forces.

Maj Hennadiy Chastyakov, who is 39 years old, went back to his home with gifts he got from his coworkers. He was opening those gifts with his son when suddenly, the grenade exploded.

Maj Chastyakov was murdered and his 13-year-old son was badly injured.

Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko stated that the boy began twisting the ring on the grenade.

Next, the person in charge of fixing things took the explosive from the young person and removed the ring, which led to a very sad and dangerous blast.

Later on, the prosecutors explained that he had accidentally made the grenade explode while trying to remove it from his son.

The explosion was called a “sad accident” and the minister asked people to wait for the results of an official investigation. The police said that there was an explosion in a family apartment in Chaiky, which is located on the outskirts of Kyiv. The explosion happened because someone was not being careful while handling ammunition.

But it quickly became known that five more grenades were discovered in the apartment. Mr Klymenko said that someone in his army team gave him the presents.

During a search, two grenades that looked the same were discovered on a colleague who is a colonel in the army.

Pictures taken at the location showed more grenades on the floor of the apartment, as well as other gift bags. Maj Chastyakov had apparently taken the grenades home in a bag along with a bottle of whisky.

Someone told Ukrainska Pravda that the bottle was inside a gift bag with glasses that looked like grenades. The explosion happened when he opened the bag. Other reports stated that his coworker had given him a bottle, saying: “You’re not easily surprised, so I thought I’d give you combat grenades and a nice bottle of whisky. ”

Gen Zaluzhny talked about the very painful and sad time for the Ukrainian military and for himself personally. He said that Maj Chastyakov has been a reliable person for support since Russia’s big invasion in February 2022.

He died is another problem for the Ukrainian military. Before, a missile attack killed 19 soldiers during a Russian attack on an awards ceremony near the front line in the southern part of Zaporizhzhia. Many people were angry because they thought it was dangerous to have the ceremony in that area.

Pro-government politician Maryana Bezulha said that the death of Maj Chastyakov was caused by someone not being careful. She also mentioned that it was sad for him to die on his birthday. Grenades are not given as gifts, they are given for a specific purpose.

But some Ukrainian commentators have doubted the official reason for the explosion. They think it could have been a deliberate attack on Gen Zaluzhny because they believe he might have gone to his assistant’s birthday party.

Last week, the top leader openly shared his honest thoughts about the situation on Ukraine’s borders where Russia’s invading forces are present.

“He told the Economist that we have reached a point where our technology is at the same level as in World War One, leading to a stalemate. ” “It is unlikely to have any profound or magnificent discovery. ”

Both the Kremlin and President Volodymr Zelensky said that the war was not stuck and couldn’t move forward. Today, many individuals are feeling exhausted and have varying viewpoints. “That is easy to understand, but there is no situation where neither side can win,” Mr. Zelensky said over the weekend.

During his regular speech on Monday night, he asked Ukrainians to stay united and avoid disagreements or getting distracted with other things.

He also said that it’s not a good time to have presidential elections next spring because Ukraine is at war and under martial law. He got chosen in 2019.


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