UPND Has Endorsemed Me As PF President- Brian Mundubile

Brian Mundubile

A few days ago a number of individuals have made statements and actions that could be perceived as serious endorsement of Mr. Brian MUNDUBILE as PF president, while other celebrated the gesture others took advantage and want to use it as a sign of being a weak candidate for 2026.

Endorsements act as a “mental shortcut” to help voters make sense of a candidate’s policies and positions.
Surely, the level of leadership provided by the Leader of Opposition in the house deserves an endorsement from well meaning individuals and organizations.

The essence of good governance is found in the ability of leaders to listen and to act with the utmost decorum especially in the face of those who they disagree with.
However, it is quite sad to see that Zambia’s political system has become a game of egos as opposed to a group of leaders working together for the good of the masses regardless of their political standing.

Furthermore, it is a system based on suspicion and ‘we vs them’ mentality. It is very evident that “a kingdom divided amongst itself cannot stand.” Such is true in the case of the UPND and the PF parties.

Our leaders have different views over the endorsements, with some zealous supporters crying foul over the idea of the ruling party (UPND) endorsing an opposition presidential party candidate (Brian Mundubile) who has displayed the traits of a reasonable opposition leader.
That being said, there is no better time such as now for the nation to be united towards a common goal: the progress of the nation. It is no secret that the atrocities committed by cadres in the name of their political parties have created a rift amongst the citizens; with people being categorized according to their political affiliation.

However, if we are to progress as a nation, we need to present a united front to the rest of the world. Our patriotism should be what brings us together – the desire to develop, be better, do better for the sake of the nation and not for individual advancement.
Addressing the issue at hand, various sectors of our country have endorsed Brian MUNDUBILE as the suitable candidate for the PF top job. The courtesy call by the US Ambassador must not be trivialized as such was a serious endorsement of his good leadership.
All elections are dependant on the final election results, the winner will receive the support of all members.
Mubwato tatwaka fumemo!
Brian Mundubile
Campaign Team
New Vision, New Future


  1. No one is clean in PF. It was a Party for mafias who wanted to get rich at any cost. Mundubile is dented already and soiled with money laundering activities. Without any doubt his connection to Faith Musonda speaks volumes about his integrity. Time will tell.

  2. Zambia as a country has gone through a lot in political terms, hence as citizens we are in a situation where we would not like to replicate some of the bad things that have taken place in the past and opposition political play a role since they are the future rulling party. Mundubile fits in as a reasonable leader who can unify the country in future, if for instance people picked a person like Kambwili, then they should be ready to live in a divided nation and l believe non of us would want that. This yard stick goes for other political leaders and their traits, imagine Tayali, Tembo, Saboi, Kabimba, Nawakwi etc, just the way they carry themselves disqualifies then for leadership in a future Zambia

  3. What is this about? I am a die hard UOND supporter but have not heard our party spokesperson endorse this man as OF president in their race. What has UPND got to do with who leads PF? Your own surrogates are busy creating a rift by now nterpreting your constitution for you and reminding everyone how some candidates do not qualify but put up their applications anyways. This goes to show the K200,000 they happily paid in cash was not from their pockets but their party using them to launder money. GBM as chief campaign manager cannot be so ignorant of their own party’s constitution. Or is it that they are used to illegalities and so intended to ignore the fact that they are disqualified? There are already precedents of such illegalities being allowed in their party.


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