Wynter Munacaambwa Kabimba



Economic Front Party, formerly Rainbow party, is disappointed with UPND govt for their continuous harassment of local small scale miners commonly known jerabos since it took power. It is so annoying to see the new dawn govt depriving the young people from earning their living from the slung dumps around the copperbelt.

The UPND govt should understand that it is not the wish of young people to risk their lives by conducting mining activities from these pits but they are forced to go there due to the failure by the government to create jobs. Thus going into this dump sites have become the source of income for them. Therefore, it is irresponsible for the UPND govt to take away a source of income from these young people without providing them with alternatives such giving them jobs or empowering them with capital or skills.

As Economic Front Party, we urge the jerabos not to be intimidated by government but rather remain united and demand for proper alternatives such as jobs, skills and business capital. We encourage the young people to remain peacefull and continue to dialogue with government for alternative income generating ventures.

As Economic Front Party, we call on govt to provide safety officers, and machinery so that safety is improved and production is Increased. In this way, we shall see recreation of revenue and jobs for both the young people and government.
These young people have created jobs for themselves thus the need for govt to stop harrasing them. They are Zambians who should conduct business free with the full backing from govt.

Humphrey kabwe
National Spokesperson
Economic Front Party


  1. Don’t listen to this fool. Lungu was the weakest President so far, such that he needed to put surrogate parties on Payroll so they could make continuous noise in the media and pressers so he could appear to be popular. He has now caused a problem where now adults have been brainwashed and can’t find tangible things to do but sing praises in order to get paid. So when we say Lungu brought the economy to it’s knee’s. The signs are everywhere to be seen. The majority of these so called leaders of surrogate parties were and are still no better than political Cadres. Mr Red Lip is a good example.

  2. Imagine these are the type of leaders we had running the country.

    This rainbow party member is something else.

    Never ever again.

  3. Useless. Absolutely useless. It is the same as Fred Membe’s support for street vending. How can any sensible person support the madness that goes on in Cairo broad. People cooking nshma and selling kachasu on the main street of the capital city.

  4. This government has not failed to create jobs. Your party of fools in power for 10 years failed to create jobs causing people to fend for themselves, oftentimes risking their lives. Even your empowerment funds were selectively distributed to your party cadres. Please Winter, enough of this nonsense only serving to expose you as a very bitter loser. What medication are you taking to make you act so stupidly and without any shame at all?


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