WHO are WHERE are the 154 SECRETLY Reinstated Public Service Employees?- Kasonde Mwenda

Kasonde Mwenda

WHO are WHERE are the 154 SECRETLY Reinstated Public Service Employees?

On 9th September 2022, government announced the Reinstatement of 154 former Public Service Employees Retired in National Interest or Seperated on Unfair Grounds from the 2126 applications (1246 from Mainstream Public Service and 167 from Local authorities and 713 from Grant Aided and Statutory Bodies) invited over a year ago on 4th November 2021 but government has failed to release a list.

The list of Reinstated Public Service Employees compiled by the Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF, has revealed very startling revelations such as:

  1. Employment Bias favouring known partisan UPND cadres against technocrats.
  2. Reinstatements are biasly inclined towards named Tribal and Regional bases.
  3. The announced 154 figure is not true but a lie and misrepresentation of fact.

It is government’s public policy to gazette and publish public service employment lists for Transparency but to date this employment list remains a secret.

In public interest, we invite the government of president Hakainde Hichilema to Transparently arrest these serious allegations by publishing the List of Reinstated Public Service Employees.

Wherever we want to go our feet shall take us there.

Kasonde Mwenda C
Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF President


  1. I used to respect you but i now realize you are very dull. Why do you pretend as if you have just arrived in Zambia. How many people did PF retire from their so called regions? Use your common sense. Learn from Binwell and Kangombe who are showing maturity in politics. Even Sunday Chanda has really transformed. Not you.

  2. Yes, you may speak like a horse failing to drink water. Did PF give a transpirable reason to the public as to why they were all dismissed on national interest?
    Give us a list of all who were sent on National interest and then we will compare if they are not the ones you drop who have been reinstated back. Nearly in all ministries were many dropped because the PF wanted to employ their own cadres.

  3. One thing to remind PF is that we had a lot of councillors who were in UPND and quitted and were given money and on top of money they were offered employment. Can we go for them and remove them from employment? Yes, if we find they have no qualifications and no if they meet the qualifications for the Job.


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