Wynter Kabimba Threatens To Sue The Government For Engaging Private Audit Firms



Economic Front Leader Wynter Kabimba says he will challenge the engagement of six private audit firms in the courts of law if the government does not explain why they have been contracted to undertake the work of the Auditor General.

Mr. Kabimba says he will deliver a letter of demand to Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane to explain why the government has engaged private firms to audit public debt.

Speaking at a joint briefing of opposition parties in Lusaka today, Mr. Kabimba has argued that it is unprecedented in the history of Zambia to engage private firms to audit the security wings.

And NDC President Saboi Imboela has accused the government of curtailing the freedoms of opposition political parties in the country.

She says the harassment of the opposition has become the order of the day.


  1. wynter is just like a wounded bufflo. Having missed a ‘special and crooked chance’ to take over the presdence from sata and people’s unwillingness to join his ‘ rainbow party and the cenerior which of people shunning to join the fake and shadow party which he has currently joinedare making more ……than ever. but ne good thing, people know him well and can nothange the mindsbof people fr his benefit. Why was he fred by a sick man?

  2. Arresting of opposition political leaders is the order of the day like seriously? Ask yourselves, why the likes of Harry Kalaba, Winter Kabimba, Jackson Silavwe,Fred M’membe and Highvie Hamududu have NEVER found themselves on the wrong side of the Law.
    its simply because those of you who had been arrested clearly have some loose nuts in your heads. You cannot continue to be insulting the president/presidency in the name of freedom of expression.

  3. What can this lawyer who has never won a case tell us. I do not think that there is anything wrong by using private auditors to see how defense funds are spent. I would like to believe that audit companies are professional and will not disclose their findings in bars and to the public. Only those that were in Government and benefited from defense funds are are raising issues from this action.

  4. Ba Kabimba, just go ahead and sue the government if you have a sound legal basis for doing so, instead of issuing empty threats which you never follow up. It reduces the little of your credibility that is left.


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