Good morning Mr HK ,
I here by advising you to ensure you analyze the current political situation in Zambia , take not that at this moment sir it is your greatest opportunity to reposition your self in your political journey .

Further , Zambians have been voting not for the best candidate since it’s inception , KK ‘ was not the best choice for Zambia in the first place . FTJ was not the best for the people hence Zambians just got fade up with KK’s government .

Therefore, FTJ’s attempt for third term made him the best enemy to Zambians that led to a close competitive with Mazoka on Mwanawasa , that shows on how people would protest through the ballot 🗳️ .

Check this Mr President (HK) ,Mr RB was voted out of sympathy due to the death of state counsel Mwanawasa .

The rise of PF government was due to the selfishness of the MMD, if Sata being the secretary general was to be considered for the adoption as the party leader of MMD then PF would have not been born .

Truth be told the late Mr Sata contributed to the rise of caderism in the country as it was the only way for him to gain power through anchoring power to the cadres to take over in every corner of the country hence people had to make a protest vote after getting fade with MMD government .

Mr Lungu was voted not because he was a best candidate or had a better manifesto ,No . But because people where still seeing Mr Sata in him and people had hope in him for the black Cobra’s vision, this was a repitition of sympathy .

The truth is that if one dies no one else can deliver the vision for another person , Mr Sata died with his vision for Zambia after a great struggle .

Further , Mr HK I know you saved in the PF government and for you to resign you had seen the mistakes within the PF party , to me that shows how ethical and moral you maybe by resigning .Hence , to me I see to it that you would have fought within the PF party to control the system which is not possible as you can not fight the rotten system alone unless you are a team .

Mr HH did not win the 2021 general elections as the best candidate but this was as result of rampant caderism, high corruption and lawlessness towards the Zambian people hence people resorted to protest by a vote .

The most common thing among all these governments is that they have always been assuring engaging youths before winning elections hence at the end of the tunnel all changes as the youths now looks to be the weapon or a ladder 🪜 to win elections and being dumped by politicians . I hope that is not the same agenda you have on the youths sir ! .

Mr Harry Kalaba you are still young and fresh you can make a legacy by proving a different culture of politics if you prove to the Zambian people by showing a different route of politics if you are to become the the president of Zambia .

Right now as it stands only the PF stands with a high number of opposition MP’s in the Parliament hence it will only take another opposition to scoop the strong holds of the PF for another political party to gain muscle 💪 of political power às a strong opposition .

For now Mr HK avoid placing recycled politicians with bad reputation , I advise , to ensure you engage alot of youths in your leadership before you see the rise of the revolution movement through the youths .

Mr HK you have an opportunity from now and 2026 to formulate better party leadership across the country and ensure you place better candidates that you can win 35% and above Parliamentary seats if you fail it will take you centuries too like Mr HH to become the president of Zambia .

For now Zambia has no hope for the next president .

For today I end here, all the best Diplomat HK .

Henry Paul Simfukwe
Voice of the voiceless,
Political / Youth Activist.



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