DAUGHTER to the late freedom fighter Alice Mulenga Regina popularly known as “Lenshina” has died.

Jenipher Bwalya Bubile Ngándu was the leader of Jerusalem church the then Lumpa church until her death on Sunday in Chinsali district hospital after an illness.

Both Muchinga Province Minister Henry Sikazwe and Jerusalem church Information and Publicity Secretary, Joseph Kampamba Tewnda nalesa have confirmed the death of Jenifer Bwalya Bubile Ng’andu to Zanis this morning.

The Provincial minister said Jenifer Ng’andu died on last Sunday in Chinsali district hospital after an illness.

“I can confirm receiving the sad news of the demise of the mother church leader of Jerusalem church in Chinsali district Jenifer Bwalya Bubile Ng’andu who died on Sunday afternoon in Chinsali hospital” he said.

Mr. Sikazwe explained that Jenifer Bwalya Bubile Ng’andu has died at the age of 74 and was the last surviving daughter of late Alice Mulenga Lenshina and her husband Petros Chintakwa who are also dead.

He said according to political history, the founder mother of the church which was called lumpa church was the freedom fighter, late Alice mulenga Lenshina Lubusha during Zambia’s liberation struggle for independence in 1961.

He added that lenshina was married to Mr. Petros Chintankwa and had seven children adding that six of them died years ago and the remaining daughter was jenipher bwalya Ngándu who took over the church as a leader until her demise on Sunday was still the leader of Jerusalem church based in kasomo area.

Kasoma village is historically known for it being the burial site where the remains of Alice Regina Mulenga Lubusha (lenshina) is buried hence her followers and its church and family members settled in kasomo village.

Mr. Sikazwe added that the burial will take place at a site to be decided and confirmed by the Nkula Royal Council.

Narrating the Obituary to Zanis, family spokesperson, Rhonda Bwalya who is the niece to late Jenipher said her aunt was married to mr. Justine Bwalya aged 82 as a surviving spouse and had two children both girls but also died and left behind children.

She disclosed the late jenipher has left behind six grandchildren and a husband Justine bwalya 82 years old.

However, Jerusalem church through their secretary general had engaged government through the local authority asking for permission to bury late Jenipher bwalya bubile Ngándu at lumpa mass grave behind Chinsali District Hospital But the local authority has guided that the mass grave for lumpa followers is not a gazetted burial site but has just been recognised and protected as a heritage site as part of political history.

Chinsali district commissioner, Samson Muchemwa who visited the funeral house in kasomo area delivered the message on behalf of government.

And Senior Chief Nkula has send a message of condolences to the Ng’andu Royal family for the demise of Jenifer Bwalya Bubile Ng’andu.

The senior chief has also authorised the burial right of late Jenipher Bwalya Ng’andu to be put to rest at Chisaka Royal burial site as opposed to the Jerusalem church’s proposal to bury her next to its gallant freedom fighters of lumpa church (mass grave) who were buried behind Chinsali District hospital.

“ Jenifer Bwalya Bubile Ng’andu hails from the Ng’andu Clan hence giving her the burial rights in Chisaka royal burial site according to the royal family lineage. “Senior chief Nkula said.

Jerusalem church (former lumpa church) has set Saturday as burial day for the late Jenifer Bwalya Bubile Ng’andu which will be presided over by the Secretary General Bornface Mumba.- Daily Nation


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