Alien bodies’ revealed in Mexico dating back 1000 years

The remains of an allegedly ‘non-human’ being is seen on display during a briefing on unidentified flying objects in Mexico

In Mexico City yesterday, two bodies of creatures believed to be not human were shown at a meeting in Congress. This surprising action is expected to cause a lot of discussion and debate worldwide.

The bodies were said to be ancient extraterrestrial remains that are 1,000 years old. Journalist and ufologist Jaime Maussan presented this information.

Mr Maussan, while testifying at the San Lazaro legislative palace, said that these samples are not from Earth and were not discovered after a UFO crash. They were discovered in diatom mines and later turned into fossils.

During a long meeting in the US government, people talked about strange things that have happened that they can’t explain. This happened a few weeks after another meeting about the same topic. But, things happening in Mexico City turned out to be much more intense.

Mr Maussan said that the specimens were examined by scientists at the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM). They were able to study the DNA and use radiocarbon dating to determine the age.

He said that over 30% of the samples’ DNA was not recognized, and the experts in the meeting mentioned that one of the bodies seemed to have eggs inside.

Normally, fossils that have been studied a lot don’t have sand on top of them.

Maussan said that the public should have information about technology and beings that are not human. We are discussing something that brings humans together, not divides us.

‘We are not the only ones in this big universe, and we should accept and welcome this fact. ‘

The person who studies unidentified flying objects (UFOs) was accompanied at the meeting by a former pilot from the US Navy named Lt Ryan Graves, who spoke at a hearing in July held by the US Congress. Also present was Professor Avi Loeb, who is a professor of astrophysics at Harvard University.

‘Bodies of extraterrestrial beings’ displayed in Mexican Congress.

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Professor Loeb presented findings from his recent study on small round objects found in a space rock that likely came from beyond our solar system. He suggests that these objects could be signs of advanced technology created by extraterrestrial beings.

He spoke to the Mexican congress and said it was proud of us to believe that we are the only ones alive on Earth. He suggested that there might have been other creatures on the planet before people.

He also talked about the case of Oumuamua, a strange object shaped like a cigar that didn’t act or look like a normal comet. The professor had suggested before that it might be a ‘light sail’, which is something made by aliens to move using sunlight.

In the meeting, they showed videos from the military of many unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). One video had 11 lights in the sky, seen from a fighter jet.

Many scientists and politicians believe that UAP exist, but there is disagreement about where they come from.

Some people think the objects come from outer space, while others think they are secret military activities.

During a hearing in July, David Charles Grusch, who exposed secret information about unidentified flying objects (UFOs), claimed that the government was keeping evidence of alien vehicles that were still in complete condition hidden from the public.

Lt Graves, who leads the Americans for Safe Aerospace organization, mentioned that UFOs were widely known among fighter pilots. He shared an incident where two jets had to quickly change direction to avoid colliding with a strange object. This object was described as a dark grey cube inside a transparent sphere, which remained stationary even in the face of strong winds.


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