Allowing American Military Presence in the country is a danger to Zambia’s Democracy says Dr Fred M’membe

Dr Fred M'membe


….allowing American Military Presence in the country is a danger to Zambia’s Democracy says Dr Fred M’membe

LUSAKA, Wednesday, September 28, 2022 (Smart Eagles)

Socialist Party (SP) Leader Fred M’membe ays the country is at risk of losing its sovereignty because it has sell-outs and puppets as Leaders.

Dr M’membe said this in light of what he termed as the Assembling of the United States of America Military office in Zambia.

He said this calls for all well-meaning Zambians to rise and create a gigantic movement which no imperialist force will destroy.

“When the strongest army in the world sets up in your territory, you can no longer maintain your independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty,” Dr. M’membe has said.

He has however noted with concern that what previous Republican Presidents rejected is what President Hakainde Hichilema is allowing in the country.

He has charged that the Americans have come to take away the country’s honour and sovereignty.

“The American Military have made it clear that their presence is to protect American interests…..but you may wish to know that American interests are not our interests. The interest of an imperialists can never be our interest where were they when we were fighting for our independence,” he said.

And Dr M’membe said allowing the American Army to set up an office or installations in the country is a danger to Democracy.

Dr M’membe said this is because the Americans would never allow a political party that opposes its agenda to rule the country.

He cited Patrice Lumumba of then Zaire, Samora Marchel of Mozambique and Abdel Gamal Nasser of Egypt as some of the leaders the Americans disliked and toppled.

“We can say it is not a military base they are setting up but look at what is happening to Ghana today, the Americans would not allow a political party that oppose their stay to come into government. This kills Democracy,” Dr M’membe stated.

Meanwhile, Dr M’membe said the presence of American Military in any country yields destabilisation.

“Whichever country they have gone to there is no peace. This is what our government is bringing to us, to threaten our peace. A country that is a colony can never develop. They have destroyed Libya, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, we know that they are supporting separate forces in Ethiopia,” he stated.

Dr M’membe has since called upon citizens to defend the independence and sovereignty the country has enjoyed.

“This calls for cooperation, solidarity, Humility……. the issues we are talking about are not small issues. These are issues that give us an identity. We make a clarion call to all citizens and Democrats to work side by side with us and defend our dignity and existence,” he said.


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